Saturday, November 15, 2008

After the Boston debacle.........

After the Boston debacle, J.T (from – Other Wing) made an interesting point. in her third period review. “There’s something missing with this team”. Indeed there is, but what is it? I’ve spent some time thinking about it and this is what I think is the missing ingredient.

I do admire the Pittsburgh Penguins after watching their playoff run against the Detroit Red Wings last year. One thing that struck me, they never gave up although at times it looked like men versus boys on the ice, those Pens hung on like tenacious little terriers. Ultimately Detroit prevailed, but one couldn’t help but feel the pain of loss in the faces of Crosby, Malkin & the sight of Fleury just lying in the goal crease. (Reminiscent of the scene in Braveheart when he realizes Robert the Bruce has betrayed him).

I’ve yet to see the same reaction from the Habs. In comparison to the Pens, they “conceded” to the Flyers.

Saku Koivu made a comment after the Toronto game last Saturday, “when you have played on a not so great team for many years, you don’t take a loss seriously”. (Note to Saku: Habs fans take losses deadly seriously). Koivu, through no fault of his own, doesn’t “hate to lose”. Sid the kid does. The great Habs of the fifties, sixties and seventies hated to lose. Patrick Roy hated to lose. That’s how championships are won.

Saku is a great leader on & off the ice, his show of heart and work ethic are second to none. But until he and his team “hate to lose” we won’t make it to the Promised Land.

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Number31 said...

Price hates to lose ;) Said he wrote "play to win" on the back of his blocker a while ago, wonder if he still does...