Friday, November 28, 2008

Herding cats......

I, as many of you have been puzzled and left scratching my head over the Habs performance this season. Considering it was the same core team as last year with a couple of good additions, this year’s edition should be at least as good if not better, right?

Hmmm. …. well it hasn’t quite worked out that way. During the Detroit game, I had a light bulb moment; it became clear to me that the problem was not due to lack of coaching abilities. The coaches had done their homework on this one, a plan was made, a specific blueprint drawn and the team followed it to perfection.

For the most part, I believe Carbo & the coaching staff let the guys do their own thing last year, they were playing great offensive hockey, having a blast and winning a lot of games along the way. Making the playoffs was the main goal; it wasn’t a serious cup run.

Carbo (whom I suspect may know a thing or two about hockey) knows exactly what this team has to do to be successful on any given night, the tough part is getting the team to buy into it and sticking to it, that’s what his big challenge will be. Not easy, kinda like trying to herd cats. There’s an abundance of talent on this team, which up until the Detroit game has not been reflected on the ice.

Gainey is serious about a cup run this year, so any strays that are deemed “uncoachable” (and yes, that means you too Kovy) could very easily find themselves put up for adoption.

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