Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lowering Expectations

How much lower can I go, the snake’s belly is in plain sight…

For the first time in my many years of Habfandom I actually wanted them to lose this game tonight. The last thing they needed was another win that they didn’t deserve, paving the way for more of the same crap we watched tonight.

I’ve lowered my expectations, no more silly notions of miracle cup runs, or a sense of entitlement because it’s their centennial year, but when a team finishes first in the Eastern Conference they have a responsibility to at least play some decent hockey for their fans, we’re not even getting that. I’m officially pissed.


24 Cups said...

As of this exact moment in time, I'm officially depressed!

Chris Aung-Thwin said...

It's frustrating, isn't it? My hope is to see a stellar performance on Saturday.

I want to see Laraques and Price on the ice for the first shift. Yup, just the two of them. Laraques doesn't even need to bring his stick.