Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to get real!!

I, like most Hab fans have been caught up in the hype of the Habs’ 100 year celebrations. Let’s start by pushing that fact aside (and I know it’s difficult) so we can take a more realistic look at the team and our expectations of them.

Detroit has set the standard as the elite team in today’s NHL. They have managed 100 point seasons in eight consecutive years and hoisted three Stanley Cups along the way.

The Habs have had one really good season in fifteen years; does that automatically qualify them for a Stanley Cup this year? Right, it doesn’t.

We’re still a work in progress; there are still missing pieces to our puzzle. By Christmas we should have a fairly good idea of where this team is headed. If we are realistic ”down to earth” fans our biggest hope should be that they are a good competitive team that can hold their own against teams like Detroit. Anything beyond that is not being fair to our team or our collective sanity.

FYI…...Zeller’s has red velvet Habs Christmas stockings with a nice CH logo embroidered on front. Good value for $9.99. So now, my game ritual includes light a candle, have a picture of Secretariat on my laptop and gaze at the stocking hanging from my fireplace. I do have a confession to make; I have to take partial responsibility for the Bruins brutal beating on Thursday. I only lit the candle after the first period.


24 Cups said...

Moey - great to see your site up and running although all those dots are a little rough on a guy who had one too many glasses of wine last night:-) Last year's first place finish, coupled with our centennial celebrations, may have led to unjustified expectations this year. We have a lot of young players (including our goalies) who may need more time to develop and contribute in a meaningful way. Time will tell.

Moey said...

Thanks 24 cups! We all have to get over our case of "Habsitis", that flu like feeling when they lose a few games. We do have a lot of young guns and we need to be patient. We can be an hysterical bunch at times, ya gotta love Montreal fans!