Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sleeping with the enemy.....

Well sort of. Last night in the spirit of the season, (and a little bit of boredom) I decided to try something different, experiment a little and broaden my hockey horizons. I signed on to the Pens live chat room, introduced myself as “a Habs fan that loved the Habs but was less than enamored with some of their fans.” The chat room occupants thought that was “pretty cool and awesome”. They welcomed me with open arms, it was a very intimate affair and quite honestly ten men is more than enough for a lone chick to handle in an evening.

I have things in common with Pens fans, we both hate the Bruins, loathe the dreaded Flyers & we all love Kovy. They love the nicknames “big tits, lil tits, AK27 and zombie pleks. They were happy that Sid the kid finally potted one (he’s been in a scoring slump) and I was even happier when AK46 got a hattie. We chatted about Price, in their opinion he cost us the Flyers’ series, I had to concur and I also commented on how he’ll really need to steal a few games for us if we want to have a successful run come playoff time. (Later on they were quick to point out that he was off to a good start, he stole one for us tonight).

We chatted about Sid the kid, I would love to see him wearing the “CH” one day, he became a Habs fan at the tender age of six, he watched them hoist the cup in ’93 and worshipped Patrick Roy growing up.

A fun time was had by all and the win was the cherry on the cake for me. Of course I didn’t lord it over them and advised them all to be patient, the best hockey starts now. We all agreed it would be “awesome” to meet in the Eastern Conference finals this year after doing away with the Bruins and Flyers.

So what started out as a one-night stand turned into a very enjoyable evening and I’ve been asked out on a second date. So a big hello to my new buds, redrum69, redrum71, pittfan and sid_lover, we’ll meet again on Feb 3!

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