Sunday, January 18, 2009

The week that was.....

Plenty of news this past week, so without further ado, we’ll start with Bob Gainey’s State of the Franchise address on Monday.

Well to nobody’s surprise Bob sticks to his old adage “the least said is the easiest mended”. (Good on ya Bob, the last thing some of these hopeless habaholics need is another drink). He seems happy enough with the team but is always open to improvements should the right opportunity presents itself. I trust Bob, simply because so far he hasn’t given me any reason not to, he has this team’s best interest at heart, so I have no problem with whatever changes he deems necessary to better our team. Maybe I’m following the yellow brick road, but I’m convinced that road will lead us to number 25. Was anyone surprised when he said that his greatest acquisition as GM was Guy Carbonneau? He neither confirmed nor denied the Vincent Lecavalier trade rumors swirling around this week, but now Tampa has stated that Vinnie isn’t going anywhere, so it’s turning out to be as my mom would say “a storm in a teacup”. The truth is out there somewhere, we’ll just have to be patient and see how it unfolds in the coming weeks.

Montreal versus Boston – I really wanted to win this game, it was so frustrating but I took some positives out of it, we outplayed them in the first period, started to slide in the second and in the third I just knew the AK46 penalty would ultimately cost us the game. C’est la vie, we’ll have another couple of chances to redeem ourselves. On a sad note, the days of blowing them out of the rink are gone, Tim Thomas has put a stop to that but we can always pray for a relapse.

Montreal versus Nashville – I would highly recommend this game for insomniacs, predators ? gimme a break, neutered house cats at best, maybe a little catnip dropped in their water bottles might have livened things up, it works for my kitties. That was some riveting hockey, NOT! Let’s just take the two points and move on, shall we?

Montreal versus Ottawa – I’ll bet none of you knew that CH also stands for Charity Hockey, our boys were feeling especially generous and decide to give the lowly Senators a break, 2 for us and 1 for you, I really can’t criticize them for that. It wasn’t a pretty win, but we really have to put it into perspective, we are still missing one full scoring line and the boys are still managing to pick up points. At this stage of the game it makes no sense whatsoever to nitpick players or play, we’re hardly icing the 2010 Olympic team or the Eastern all star squad, you have to try to keep that in mind and just be happy with the points.

A few last notes,

The Habs management has decided to fully disclose the details of long term injures to the public to stop the rampant rumors that were floating around, to me this just speaks volumes about the mental state of some Habs fans. The Habs really had no choice; they don’t want to be held responsible for the psychiatric costs in treating these people or in the more severe cases, the police finding suicide notes with a CH scrawled on them.

Kudos to Kovy for playing through the flu this week, it’s obvious that he takes his responsibilities as team Captain seriously, but is it appreciated by the fans? He’s been accused of everything from single handedly destroying the entire team to holding his line mates hostage. The thing that puzzles me about this logic is why haven’t the coaches caught on to this one man wrecking crew? Something to ponder people.

Carey Price really wants to play in the all star game, God love him. I liked what Carbo had to say to the media, if Carey can’t play in a regular game for us, he really shouldn’t be considering the all star game. Kinda like when you were a kid and didn’t want to go to school, your mom would say if you’re too sick to go to school you obviously can’t go to the movies tonight with your friends. Good strategy Carbo, subtle but effective. Pricey’s leg injury is starting to feel a whole lot better.

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