Friday, February 20, 2009

A fitting end to a not so great week.......

How much more crap can they possibly heap on our Habs? I was driving into work this morning listening to Francois Gagnon on the Team 990; he was talking about the big “scandal” that La Presse has been working on for the past two weeks. What a load of hogwash and then to add insult to injury I hit this mother of a pothole, a loud kaboom followed by an emphatic “oh f@ck”, what a great start to the day. I managed to get to a side street, put on the flashers and got out to survey the damage. My front tire looked as if a rabid dog had attacked it. A huge rip in the sidewall and Lord knows what condition the rim was in. Of course first thing I have to do is call the other half, I’m not a helpless female by any means, he was already at work in downtown Montreal, I wasn’t calling him to rescue me but he still needs to feel my pain, what can I say, it’s a chick thing. I just hung up when another car limps around the corner with its flashers on; the bloody crater has claimed another victim. By the time I called a tow truck there were three of us, cars were dropping like flies. So there we were, three chicks, (yes I know what you’re all thinking) one Italian, one French and me the token Anglo, communication was not an issue, the word fu@k is universal. We exchanged names and phone numbers, agreed we’d love to go after the city for the damages, but from what I hear they won’t take any responsibility for it. It makes me so damn mad, all the taxes we pay and this is the third tire in three years that I’ve had to replace for the same reason. The tow truck finally arrived, we went to the gas station, there was some good news, the rim didn’t need to be replaced. They poured me a cup of coffee and I read the sports section of the Gazette to pass the time, so much for cheering myself up. I finally made it into the office for 9:30 AM, my one consolation in all of this was that Habs are having a much rougher time of it and I’d gladly take a flat tire over being in Bob Gainey’s or Guy Carbonneau’s shoes thank you very much. Something’s got to give, the team needs to catch a break, and I can’t believe how petty the French media is. The more I thought of it, do we really need media coverage on the Habs? We have eyes, we can see who’s playing and who’s not and on what line. We know if they’re playing well, we don’t need a reporter to tell us. Who among us gives a flying f@ck about what they get up to in their personal lives? I don’t, I’m only interested in watching some decent hockey and hoping that we make it into the playoffs. I wish we could boycott the media and put a stop to this garbage, but that and trying to fight city hall over potholes would just be another exercise in futility.

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