Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The week in progress...Montreal media scooped!

Habs vs. Pens

That’s the most hustle I’ve seen from the Habs since I can’t remember when. Well it’s pretty apparent that Lang was the problem, I was privy to some inside information from one of his nurses. That smiling, happy go lucky team player had us all fooled, he admitted under heavy sedation that he’s never really liked Kovy, even though they have a long history together. “I was sick of always playing in his shadow and now it was going to be my turn to shine. Everything was going according to plan, I was leading the team in goals, it was just a matter of time before the crowd would be on its feet chanting “Lang Lang Lang” every time I touched the puck. The beauty of it all was that stupid Kovy never suspected a thing, I was putting Sominex in his Gatorade (giggle) and at Christmas I gave him a couple of DVD’s to help him relax before games, The English Patient and Giant (snicker) they were freaking perfect, I had to peel him off the dressing room floor on Sunday afternoon, then I go out and score the only goal.”

Well there you have it peeps, still waters run deep, it’s always the one that you least suspect.

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