Thursday, February 26, 2009

Put a cork in it Georges.........

Georges Laraques goes on record to say that he’s not a happy camper; he feels that he’s not being played enough and is tired of sitting. Earth to George, your timing is impeccable; did you not notice that there’s been a lot of shit going on with this team lately? Do you care about this team at all? Do you think for one minute that I believe Guy Carbonneau told you that he doesn’t like your type of player? Your team needs more negative publicity like a dog needs fleas. You knew damn well that saying something like that would stir up the shit again. I’ve been on the fence as far as you’re concerned, the games you’ve managed to play, which have been few and far between because of your injuries you haven’t done what I thought you were hired for. Aside from going a few rounds with some of your fellow heavyweights, I would really have liked to have seen some bone crushing hits to the opposition. I don’t want to see Tom the Bomb or Josh Georges always having to stick up for their teammates and goaltender. That’s your job, that’s what you were hired for. Hit a few bodies and send a message. You’ve got a chance to prove yourself and your right to be in the lineup tomorrow night against Philly. So in a nutshell George, put up or shut up.

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