Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rant ll, the sequel......

I’m on strong flu medication today, so I can see things more clearly and I’m in a better mood.

The Price is not right and hasn’t been since his injury, I suspect he rushed himself back to play in the All Star game, if you recall one day he was barely skating and a few days later he was ready to go. I’m not going to come down on him for that, we have to remember this is a twenty one year old kid that was really looking forward to family being around and partying that weekend. His obviously not as mature as some of the veterans and his sense of responsibility to the team will grow as he does. I know that Kovalev isn't playing up to snuff, but if you read any Hab's blogs I’m really sick and tired of Kovalev being blamed for all the team’s problems, no single player should be expected to carry the team on their back. If you feel the need to point fingers start with the other twenty two players around him, they all need to share the blame, this is a team, remember? Koivu gets a free pass because he brings it every night. This team is dysfunctional and has been since the beginning of the season, could it be because of all the injuries no one line has really been able to gel? We haven’t had the luxury of icing an entirely healthy roster yet this year, but even without Tanguay and Lang there is still enough talent left to win games. The boys much like the fans are going to have to regroup, dig deep down and get through this, when the going gets tough the tough get going. This will be a good test for the coaching staff, are they up to the challenge and can they turn things around? I don’t see a downward spiral out of the playoffs being part of Bob Gainey’s plans, what moves will he make to ensure that doesn’t happen?

On a lighter note this week I’ve waited my entire life to hear a politician say these words “I screwed up”. Yes, I’m talking about Barak Obama’s statement referring to his appointment of Tom Daschle as Health and Human Services secretary. What a refreshing change, politicians are human beings, they’re not infallible, we can identify with that, we screw up too. It reminds me of a few years back, after being arrested for indecent conduct with a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard Hugh Grant appeared on the tonight show with Jay Leno. He came on to the stage; Leno asked him point blank, “what were you thinking man”? Grant didn’t bat an eye, offered no excuses and openly admitted he’d done a bad thing. The audience went nuts applauding him and so did I. Sorry Jack, but we can handle the truth, as a matter of fact, we want the truth and anything less is just an insult to our intelligence.

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