Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's something in the air and it ain't spring......

This has been a funny (as in strange) week maybe it’s just because spring is right around the corner and people are starting to lose it after a long miserable Montreal winter. I usually listen to Pierre McGuire every day at 5:25 PM on the Team 990. I don’t always agree with him, but for the most part he’s pretty well grounded and sensible with his hockey opinions. Who would have guessed that the seemingly innocuous trade of Steve Begin to Dallas for Doug Janik would push Pierre over the edge? He went right off the deep end, ranting and raving like a lunatic to Mitch Melnick. “Tell me Mitch, how is this guy Doug Janik going to better the Habs?” “Just tell me that, will ya?” Mitch explains how Gainey was in essence doing Begin a favor because Begin had asked Bob that if the possibility presented itself he’d like to be traded somewhere where he would see more ice time. Bob saw an opportunity with Dallas and arranged it for Steve. McGuire throws a hissy fit, "this is a business not the freaking Salvation Army!" Good grief McGuire, get a hold of yourself. Melnick commented yesterday that McGuire overreacted. That’s an understatement. I wish Steve the best and I’ll sure miss those gorgeous baby blues. He gave us his all and I like the fact the Bob Gainey looks after his players, McGuire can get stuffed.

I’ve decided there’s nothing wrong with Kovy having to spend an hour on Dr. Bob’s sofa once a year to re-orientate himself. Small investment for big dividends.

A strange sighting during the Flyers game last night, I could have sworn it was Kovy skating the puck down the rink right into the Flyers zone, around the back of the net trying to score a wrap around goal. Much to my shock and surprise it was Higgins. I never thought Higgy could hang on to the puck that long, it was very Kovyesque so maybe there’s hope for the boy after all, but a more likely scenario is that they’ve given him a Velcro puck and stick to boost his trade value. Poor Higgy, I love the guy but with his unique puck juggling skills he might be a better fit with Cirque de Soleil.

Oh and damn you Bob Gainey, first signing Lang, benching Kovy and now signing Matt Schneider. You’re just ruining it for all the Gainey bashers; they’ll soon be lining up to get an hour on your sofa.

Speaking of Schneider, he now joins the list of former Stanley Cup winning Hab players currently surrounding our team. There’s something going on here and I think it’s by design. My guess is a pagan Stanley Cup ritual that normally just requires a few locks of hair from members of a winning team, but because it’s the centennial year crafty Bob’s not taking any chances.

Shark infested waters tonight, experts recommend that if you have an encounter with sharks that you should punch them in the nose, well what do you know, there’s finally a chance for Laraque to be useful.

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