Friday, February 13, 2009

What's ailing the Habs?........

I’m not going to be an armchair coach or GM, Lord knows there’s enough of them out there , but I have no qualms about playing armchair shrink and this is what I think is ailing the Habs. This is a conversation that I would bet my bottom dollar went on in the closed door meeting after being fleeced by the Flames. (Saku )“Okay guys what the f@ck is going on here?” Player yells, “What the f@ck do you expect, we’ve lost how many games now because that son of a bitch still isn’t 100 percent, but hey, screw the team, right Carey? As long as you got to play in the All Star game. Why should we work our tail offs, we might have to blow off the season because he can’t stop a fu@king beach ball. It doesn’t matter what we do, the bottom line is we need some decent goaltending, so what the f@ck can we do about it? It’s beyond our control.” (Kovy) “Calm down guys “, we know he shouldn’t have played but what’s done is done and now we all have to stick together and figure a way out of it.” (Price is sobbing hysterically by now, well maybe not, but I needed to add a little drama for effect).

This scenario makes the most sense to me, Price wasn’t ready to get back in nets, and his first outing against New Jersey we lost 5-2. Carbo didn’t want him to play, but if he got medical clearance and says he’s good to go, Carbo has to give him the benefit of the doubt. In retrospect I’ll bet Carbo is kicking himself for not insisting he skip the All Star game completely, because Price hasn’t been the same since his return, he’s been terrible. I’m convinced this is the reason why the team is sucking so badly, we’ve all seen what happens to the team when the goaltending is subpar; they tend to lose confidence when the goalie doesn’t have their back during one game, now multiply that by ten. It’s taken its toll and literally has sucked the last bit of confidence out of this team and caused dissention in the room. Price is in a mess, guilt has a way of doing that to you. I don’t know how many of the players feel this way, but you can bet some of them do. I’m fairly certain Koivu and Kovalev would be the voices of reason and they’re going to have to do their damndest to get this team up and going again. That and keep Price out of nets for a few games, let Halak shake off the rust, win them a few while Carey works on getting his form back. It is fixable with some good goaltending and a few wins they’ll get back on track, there’s just way to much talent for this team not to succeed. I’m sure Carey has learned a very valuable lesson out of this and I’m pretty certain these guys will be able to put this behind them, they’re hurting as much as Carey and the fans are, there’s no way anyone can convince me that this team enjoys losing.

I’ve got their backs, I won’t desert them, I’m keeping the faith and hopefully you will too.

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