Friday, March 20, 2009

Habs 1...Matisse 0

Matisse watching the Ottawa game last night

Well Matisse was wrong. But in all fairness to him he has about an 80 percent success rate in his hockey predictions and I've never asked him to predict an individual game. He is a good little Habs fan, he always lies on the arm of the sofa while I'm watching the game, but lately he's been a nervous wreck. He now associates hockey with loud yelling, when he hears the HNIC theme song his tail starts to twitch and his ears go back. He even has a Habs' blue cat bowl with the CH logo on it but these days he prefers to eat out of his sister's little pink bowl. I'm not sure if that is actually Habs related or he's coming out of the closet, neutering has its pros and cons. Let's see how he does on his playoff prediction, paws crossed.

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