Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunset on Cayman Brac, the Habs season and our vacation........

Today is our last full day on the Brac; we head back to Grand Cayman tomorrow morning, stay overnight and then we're on our way home to Montreal late Sunday afternoon. It goes far too quickly. It’s another howler here today, big waves, not ideal conditions for snorkeling. No big deal, just staying around the house is fine. Mr. Moey went for a drive yesterday afternoon to explore the north end of the island. He took a walk along the beach and said there are a couple of nice resorts there.

Spent some time yesterday listening to the final press conferences from some of the players and Gainey. With any luck we’ll see Kovalev Koivu & Lang sporting the CH next season. Robert Lang is becoming my new favorite Hab; I like what he has to say and how he says it. I have to be careful not to jinx his re-signing for next year; everything I like becomes discontinued, including my car. Looks like Washington might get ousted by the Rangers, that surprises me I don’t feel that the Rangers are an especially good team, word has it that their goalie Lundqvist has been standing on his head. Tough break for the Caps. Pittsburg is just one win away from winning their series against the Flyers. Go Pens; finish off the broad street bullies tomorrow. Ideally I’d like to see Pittsburg and Anaheim in the finals, I'm really curious to find out if that weird duck dream I had means anything.

A quick recap of our vacation this week: eat, drink, suntan, swim, sleep, eat, drink, suntan, swim, sleep. Repeat X 7 days. Absolutely brilliant, just what the doctor ordered.

I will post pics of Seafan Meadows and a couple of Grand Cayman on Monday or Tuesday next week. We get into Montreal late Sunday night, and I won’t have time to blog tomorrow as we’ll be busy doing some last minute shopping, eating, drinking, sun tanning and swimming on Grand Cayman. You gotta make every minute count!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodnight sweet princes, see you in September, day 6 on the Brac

I woke up during the night to the sound of the wind howling, boy is it windy! We’ve spent the morning indoors watching a movie and catching up on some reading. I think we’ll put our snorkeling plans on hold until tomorrow, the sea is very choppy and the waves are pounding the shore line. It will be a great day to soak up rays by the pool; I love a good wind while I’m sun tanning.

So the Habs season is over, not surprising considering the lineup we had going up against the Bruins. If we had the luxury of icing the entire team we could have forced this series to a game seven. In typical Montreal fashion, last night the so called ‘fans” at the Bell Center outdid themselves in the no class department. Right on Einsteins, boo a 21 year old goalie that has no defense playing in front of him. You know what those people deserve? Price to get traded to the Leafs, turn into Patrick Roy and bite their sorry asses. Boo the captain who’s carried this team on his back for 13 years, survived cancer, came back to play that same season and has donated thousands of dollars for medical equipment to help cancer patients through his foundation. Boo Kovalev who played his heart out through a reported Charlie horse injury and has raised thousands with his charity DVD for children with heart problems. Boo Bob Gainey who has had his own share of personal tragedy and has stayed professional and totally dedicated to the success and welfare of the players on his team. I’m ashamed to be associated with any one that boos any player wearing the CH. I can’t for the life of me get my head around these idiots and they’re not only Quebecers that tear this organization apart from top to bottom and have the audacity to call themselves fans. The Habs gave it their best shot with what they had and that’s all any fan can ask. I never thought I would say this but the best thing that could happen to this team is if it moved elsewhere, away from the ridiculous unrelenting media circus, the asinine “element” that bring their insecurities and pathetic Quebec politics into it and have no lives, they know who they are and I’ll bet my bottom dollar many have never been out of Quebec. If you’re an Anglo Quebecer you get my drift. It’s time to move on and root for the Pens; I hope they make it to the conference finals. I’ve already interacted with some of their fan base through chat rooms and I much prefer them to the Montreal crowd. So hockey ain’t over, there’s still lots of games to be played and a Stanley Cup to be won. More hockey blogging to come, but I’ll be cheering for another team, which will be kind of neat and different and of course I’ll be giving my two cents on all things Habs over the summer.

Back to the Brac, we had a call from Derwin this morning (he’s the caretaker for the Seafan) asking us if there was anything we needed and how things were going. Very kind of him and he also offered to come over and clean the pool, but believe it or not as much as I hate housework, that’s the one chore I like doing, our backyard at home is full of maple trees that sit right over our pool…… a 24/7 scooping nightmare.. I counted 10 bugs in the pool today……child’s play.

Too windy to eat outside tonight so we put on a flick, drank a nice bottle of wine and stuffed ourselves silly. This place is totally Zen; it’s going to be tough to leave.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(last?) game and day 4 in paradise......

It’s a beautiful morning on Cayman Brac, nice and windy with a few scattered clouds. Just having my first cup of tea, the plan for this morning is to get out early and find a good spot to snorkel. Mr. Moey was up again at 5 o’clock AM checking out the stars. It’s so secluded and peaceful here it reminds me of Gilligan’s island. We got pretty excited when a large bird dropped in to visit two nights in a row. He looks like an egret so I’ve named him Edgar and as long as we keep the outside lights off he comes for a drink out of the pool. Edgar’s not too interested in talking hockey yet, but I hope he comes around because Mr. Moey needs a break, I think deep down he’s praying for a loss tonight. We were on Grand Cayman last Friday for a quick overnighter before heading to the Brac. There were a lot of roosters wandering around and that would explain the number of single mom hens with baby chicks in tow trying to make their way through parking lots, foraging through bushes looking for food. Typical men, those roosters; love ‘em and leave ‘em.

Meanwhile back in Habsland we’re now officially in the dog poop. It’s do or die tonight and somehow I don’t think the boys will be packing their bags for a return to Boston. In spite of al l the injuries and last minute roster changes they gave it a good college try on Monday. We have no chance on the powerplay without Schneider, Breezer or Markov, who else can hold the puck in at the blue line? I’ll still be cheering them on tonight via CJAD, would be nice if they could just win one game.

Went on a little drive this morning to pick up more supplies, we found a nice little public beach for swimming and snorkeling. It was deserted so we’ll probably head out there tomorrow. We found a good grocery store/deli near the airport and there’s also a little souvenir shop in the corner. Cute little things, I picked up a fridge magnet for my collection and a nice marble like stingray. One thing about the grocery store is they have small frozen servings of meat in the back storage room in large freezers. Good to know because everything is brought in here in bulk and if you don’t feel like eating chicken or pork all week this is the place to go. They also have readymade food in the deli which smells rather tasty and a few nice cheeses.

Well, it’s time to crack open a Mohito (or two) and get ready for the game, I’m starting to choke up, sniff… this the last one? Listening to the ocean all week sipping a nice cold one has made this series much less painful and for that I’m grateful.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Game 3 and day 2 in paradise.......

We’re starting to mellow out and enjoy the peace and quiet, it’s like going from 100 mph to 0 and we like it. If you’re into astronomy this is the place to be, the other half was up at the crack of dawn to check out the stars and here is his astronomical report coming to you live from the Brac.

April 19th 2009 dusk & evening – Mercury & Pleiades
April 20th 2009 pre-dawn – the summer cross, two planetary conjunctions Jupiter/Neptune & Mars/Venus.

It all sounds Greek to me.

There’s some good news in Habsland, Lang is skating and Lucic is suspended one game, that’s music to my ears. Note to Habs: carpe diem (seize the day). If they can’t win it tonight at home we’re in deep doggy doo doo. I still have hope or maybe it’s sunstroke that we can finally ice a full healthy roster this year, turn this series around and win in seven.

Another beautiful day of doing nothing but eating, sunning and relaxing. My kind of holiday, the other half is totally laid back too, he’s actually reading something other than a computer manual and he hasn’t touched his laptop since this morning. Nah, I’m probably seeing a mirage from the heat.

Blowing kisses to the furkids who are missing their mom and Dad (we hope) and especially to Matisse my little hockey cat who predicted we would win this series. What self respecting Siamese would tolerate losing to Maggie the monkey? C’mon Meezer, throw some of your kitty karma in the general direction of the Bell Center tonight, les boys need you.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out of sight, but not out of mind.......

I’ve carted that flag all the way from Montreal as a show of support to plant in front of our vacation rental in Cayman Brac, the least the boys can do is win ONE frigging game for crying out loud. We arrived yesterday evening, just in time to tune in to CJAD in the middle of the second period. After a day of delayed flights etc., I wasn’t in the best of moods and while I was busy sorting out luggage and trying to get organized my other half yells, “It’s all good, Habs are leading 4-1!” Honey, get the sound of the ocean out of your ears, its Bruins 4-1. Oy vay…..not looking good for our boys. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s preferable to listen to them suck rather than watch. Ugh, Bruins win 5-1, but I refuse to throw in the towel, where’s there’s life there’s hope, but I do hear the fat lady faintly warbling in the distance. When the heck is Markov coming back, rumor has it he’s started skating. Judging by the comments at the Four Habs Fans site I gather Price won’t be stealing any games, I would bet that Halak starts at the Bell Center for game 3.

I’m going to blog about our adventures in the Brac daily with a little hockey talk thrown in. And while I have you all here, it’s time for me to come clean and admit that I’m a closet Penguins fan. Gasp. Yes, yes I am. There it’s been said, a weight off my shoulders. I’ve been in denial for a long time but in all fairness if you’re a Habs, Senator or Leaf fan you really need a plan B, another team to cheer on past the first round or in the case of the lowly Leaf fans; they need a team that actually manages to make the playoffs. I like Sidney Crosby. Yup, I don’t care if he’s a crybaby, I’m more than willing to provide him with a lifetime of Kleenex, he can cry on my shoulder anytime, hell I’ll even burp him if it helps, but I draw the line at diaper changing. So go Habs, and when that’s over (probably in the next 2 games) go Pens!!

So here we are on our first morning, sipping our coffee and watching the waves roll in. The ocean is our front yard, nice view to wake up to. This is a private villa rental, it is shown on the VRBO website (villa rentals by owner) under the Cayman Islands, and the villa’s name is Seafan Meadows. I’ve used VRBO before and I haven’t been disappointed yet. We rented a villa in Saint Bart’s last April and we’ve come to the conclusion that we prefer our own place and pool rather than sharing facilities in a resort or condominium complex. Seafan Meadows is very bright and airy, as you will see in the pics I will post during the week. There’s just the two of us, but it would comfortably fit 4-6 guests. The villa is beautifully decorated; the kitchen is fully equipped and first rate. If you’re a bit of an audiophile there are 10,000 CD’s recorded on the computer for your listening pleasure. My other half was impressed that somebody actually has more CD’s recorded than he does, and trust me, that’s quite a feat. There’s a small car included in the rental, we’ll be ready to take it for a spin this afternoon to pick up a few essentials (food) and start our exploration of the Brac.

So off we went in our cute little car. Driving here is the same as in the U.K. on the left side of the road. Hurricane Paloma hit the Brac in November of 2008 and the cleanup is still a work in progress. Pretty island, we took two hours to go around it entirely and made mental notes of where everything was, you know the important stuff…liquor store etc. Sundays are quiet here; everything is closed with the exception of one gas station and grocery store. I’m currently in the process of figuring out what to do with the pork chops I bought for tonight, the kitchen is stocked with every spice you can think of and there is a nice selection of cookbooks. I’m making my grocery list for tomorrow according to the ingredients in some of the recipes. We spent the balance of the afternoon by the pool soaking up some of the rays. The weather here is beautiful, relatively low humidity and a constant warn breeze ripples through the palm trees. A sun worshipper’s dream, I don’t feel like a chicken roasting on a spit, it’s wonderful. Well, it’s officially happy hour now, time to have a glass of wine that our landlords graciously offered to secure yesterday because of our flight delay, bless them. Off I go to drown my sorrows ( re: Habs) and watch the sunset. Stay tuned tomorrow for another update and more Habs hand wringing from the Brac.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is this a sign?

I had a very strange dream the other night. I have to go back a couple of years to explain the significance of it. At the beginning of the 2006/7 playoffs my sister (who lives in California) called me. She knows I'm usually in a playoff pool and wanted to know which team I was picking to win the Cup. I told her I was going with Ottawa, "no you can't, you have to go with Anaheim". "Why?" I asked her, she said "because I saw ducks in my swimming pool this morning for the first time ever and I'm sure it's a sign". I stuck with Ottawa but should have listened to my sister. Two nights ago I dreamt that there were noises coming from my bedroom wall, odd sounds like scraping and grinding. All of a sudden a huge bubble appeared and eggs started spilling out. Then the eggs started cracking and little ducklings were hatching and running all over the house. I yelled to my other half that I would have to take the morning off work to round them all up. Then I woke up. So does this mean Anaheim wins it all again this year? Either that or the Purple Pyramid experiments of the 1970's have come back to haunt me.

Oh, and congrats to Matisse (my cat) we are indeed in the playoffs. Matisse doesn't agree with TSN's Maggie the monkey on the Bruins winning round one. Note to Maggie, cats rule.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow.......

Well folks, how do you like them apples? Just when things started looking up, wham… we’re dealt a near fatal blow. I say “near” because now it’s like sitting by the bedside of a team on life support and the doctor’s given them a ten percent survival rate. The next seventy two hours will be crucial but all you can do is wait, pray and reminisce about what could have been. If only he hadn’t skated by at that exact second, if only they didn’t have to play the leafs in the last week of the season, so many what if’s. But what’s done is done; we can’t change it and just have to deal with the hand that’s been dealt. Even if our boys survive the weekend the long term prognosis is grim. We’re grownups, we’re realistic and we know that without divine intervention or Price becoming the reincarnation of Patrick Roy our season is finished. Just like that. Here one day gone the next. Our Centennial year was more like a chronic illness, some days feeling better than others but never quite feeling one hundred percent. Then we took a turn for the worse, called in a specialist and it appeared we had gone into remission. But then a cruel twist of fate has struck again, so as fans it’s now our duty to stroke a forehead, rub an arm and just whisper words of encouragement and let them know how much we love them and wish we could all still be together when the flowers are in full bloom. Life goes on and as my mom used to say; when you hear of a death it’s always followed by a birth. That birth will happen in September of 2009 and I predict they will all be boys, twenty four of them.