Monday, April 20, 2009

Game 3 and day 2 in paradise.......

We’re starting to mellow out and enjoy the peace and quiet, it’s like going from 100 mph to 0 and we like it. If you’re into astronomy this is the place to be, the other half was up at the crack of dawn to check out the stars and here is his astronomical report coming to you live from the Brac.

April 19th 2009 dusk & evening – Mercury & Pleiades
April 20th 2009 pre-dawn – the summer cross, two planetary conjunctions Jupiter/Neptune & Mars/Venus.

It all sounds Greek to me.

There’s some good news in Habsland, Lang is skating and Lucic is suspended one game, that’s music to my ears. Note to Habs: carpe diem (seize the day). If they can’t win it tonight at home we’re in deep doggy doo doo. I still have hope or maybe it’s sunstroke that we can finally ice a full healthy roster this year, turn this series around and win in seven.

Another beautiful day of doing nothing but eating, sunning and relaxing. My kind of holiday, the other half is totally laid back too, he’s actually reading something other than a computer manual and he hasn’t touched his laptop since this morning. Nah, I’m probably seeing a mirage from the heat.

Blowing kisses to the furkids who are missing their mom and Dad (we hope) and especially to Matisse my little hockey cat who predicted we would win this series. What self respecting Siamese would tolerate losing to Maggie the monkey? C’mon Meezer, throw some of your kitty karma in the general direction of the Bell Center tonight, les boys need you.

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