Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodnight sweet princes, see you in September, day 6 on the Brac

I woke up during the night to the sound of the wind howling, boy is it windy! We’ve spent the morning indoors watching a movie and catching up on some reading. I think we’ll put our snorkeling plans on hold until tomorrow, the sea is very choppy and the waves are pounding the shore line. It will be a great day to soak up rays by the pool; I love a good wind while I’m sun tanning.

So the Habs season is over, not surprising considering the lineup we had going up against the Bruins. If we had the luxury of icing the entire team we could have forced this series to a game seven. In typical Montreal fashion, last night the so called ‘fans” at the Bell Center outdid themselves in the no class department. Right on Einsteins, boo a 21 year old goalie that has no defense playing in front of him. You know what those people deserve? Price to get traded to the Leafs, turn into Patrick Roy and bite their sorry asses. Boo the captain who’s carried this team on his back for 13 years, survived cancer, came back to play that same season and has donated thousands of dollars for medical equipment to help cancer patients through his foundation. Boo Kovalev who played his heart out through a reported Charlie horse injury and has raised thousands with his charity DVD for children with heart problems. Boo Bob Gainey who has had his own share of personal tragedy and has stayed professional and totally dedicated to the success and welfare of the players on his team. I’m ashamed to be associated with any one that boos any player wearing the CH. I can’t for the life of me get my head around these idiots and they’re not only Quebecers that tear this organization apart from top to bottom and have the audacity to call themselves fans. The Habs gave it their best shot with what they had and that’s all any fan can ask. I never thought I would say this but the best thing that could happen to this team is if it moved elsewhere, away from the ridiculous unrelenting media circus, the asinine “element” that bring their insecurities and pathetic Quebec politics into it and have no lives, they know who they are and I’ll bet my bottom dollar many have never been out of Quebec. If you’re an Anglo Quebecer you get my drift. It’s time to move on and root for the Pens; I hope they make it to the conference finals. I’ve already interacted with some of their fan base through chat rooms and I much prefer them to the Montreal crowd. So hockey ain’t over, there’s still lots of games to be played and a Stanley Cup to be won. More hockey blogging to come, but I’ll be cheering for another team, which will be kind of neat and different and of course I’ll be giving my two cents on all things Habs over the summer.

Back to the Brac, we had a call from Derwin this morning (he’s the caretaker for the Seafan) asking us if there was anything we needed and how things were going. Very kind of him and he also offered to come over and clean the pool, but believe it or not as much as I hate housework, that’s the one chore I like doing, our backyard at home is full of maple trees that sit right over our pool…… a 24/7 scooping nightmare.. I counted 10 bugs in the pool today……child’s play.

Too windy to eat outside tonight so we put on a flick, drank a nice bottle of wine and stuffed ourselves silly. This place is totally Zen; it’s going to be tough to leave.

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