Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is this a sign?

I had a very strange dream the other night. I have to go back a couple of years to explain the significance of it. At the beginning of the 2006/7 playoffs my sister (who lives in California) called me. She knows I'm usually in a playoff pool and wanted to know which team I was picking to win the Cup. I told her I was going with Ottawa, "no you can't, you have to go with Anaheim". "Why?" I asked her, she said "because I saw ducks in my swimming pool this morning for the first time ever and I'm sure it's a sign". I stuck with Ottawa but should have listened to my sister. Two nights ago I dreamt that there were noises coming from my bedroom wall, odd sounds like scraping and grinding. All of a sudden a huge bubble appeared and eggs started spilling out. Then the eggs started cracking and little ducklings were hatching and running all over the house. I yelled to my other half that I would have to take the morning off work to round them all up. Then I woke up. So does this mean Anaheim wins it all again this year? Either that or the Purple Pyramid experiments of the 1970's have come back to haunt me.

Oh, and congrats to Matisse (my cat) we are indeed in the playoffs. Matisse doesn't agree with TSN's Maggie the monkey on the Bruins winning round one. Note to Maggie, cats rule.

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