Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(last?) game and day 4 in paradise......

It’s a beautiful morning on Cayman Brac, nice and windy with a few scattered clouds. Just having my first cup of tea, the plan for this morning is to get out early and find a good spot to snorkel. Mr. Moey was up again at 5 o’clock AM checking out the stars. It’s so secluded and peaceful here it reminds me of Gilligan’s island. We got pretty excited when a large bird dropped in to visit two nights in a row. He looks like an egret so I’ve named him Edgar and as long as we keep the outside lights off he comes for a drink out of the pool. Edgar’s not too interested in talking hockey yet, but I hope he comes around because Mr. Moey needs a break, I think deep down he’s praying for a loss tonight. We were on Grand Cayman last Friday for a quick overnighter before heading to the Brac. There were a lot of roosters wandering around and that would explain the number of single mom hens with baby chicks in tow trying to make their way through parking lots, foraging through bushes looking for food. Typical men, those roosters; love ‘em and leave ‘em.

Meanwhile back in Habsland we’re now officially in the dog poop. It’s do or die tonight and somehow I don’t think the boys will be packing their bags for a return to Boston. In spite of al l the injuries and last minute roster changes they gave it a good college try on Monday. We have no chance on the powerplay without Schneider, Breezer or Markov, who else can hold the puck in at the blue line? I’ll still be cheering them on tonight via CJAD, would be nice if they could just win one game.

Went on a little drive this morning to pick up more supplies, we found a nice little public beach for swimming and snorkeling. It was deserted so we’ll probably head out there tomorrow. We found a good grocery store/deli near the airport and there’s also a little souvenir shop in the corner. Cute little things, I picked up a fridge magnet for my collection and a nice marble like stingray. One thing about the grocery store is they have small frozen servings of meat in the back storage room in large freezers. Good to know because everything is brought in here in bulk and if you don’t feel like eating chicken or pork all week this is the place to go. They also have readymade food in the deli which smells rather tasty and a few nice cheeses.

Well, it’s time to crack open a Mohito (or two) and get ready for the game, I’m starting to choke up, sniff… this the last one? Listening to the ocean all week sipping a nice cold one has made this series much less painful and for that I’m grateful.

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