Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out of sight, but not out of mind.......

I’ve carted that flag all the way from Montreal as a show of support to plant in front of our vacation rental in Cayman Brac, the least the boys can do is win ONE frigging game for crying out loud. We arrived yesterday evening, just in time to tune in to CJAD in the middle of the second period. After a day of delayed flights etc., I wasn’t in the best of moods and while I was busy sorting out luggage and trying to get organized my other half yells, “It’s all good, Habs are leading 4-1!” Honey, get the sound of the ocean out of your ears, its Bruins 4-1. Oy vay…..not looking good for our boys. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s preferable to listen to them suck rather than watch. Ugh, Bruins win 5-1, but I refuse to throw in the towel, where’s there’s life there’s hope, but I do hear the fat lady faintly warbling in the distance. When the heck is Markov coming back, rumor has it he’s started skating. Judging by the comments at the Four Habs Fans site I gather Price won’t be stealing any games, I would bet that Halak starts at the Bell Center for game 3.

I’m going to blog about our adventures in the Brac daily with a little hockey talk thrown in. And while I have you all here, it’s time for me to come clean and admit that I’m a closet Penguins fan. Gasp. Yes, yes I am. There it’s been said, a weight off my shoulders. I’ve been in denial for a long time but in all fairness if you’re a Habs, Senator or Leaf fan you really need a plan B, another team to cheer on past the first round or in the case of the lowly Leaf fans; they need a team that actually manages to make the playoffs. I like Sidney Crosby. Yup, I don’t care if he’s a crybaby, I’m more than willing to provide him with a lifetime of Kleenex, he can cry on my shoulder anytime, hell I’ll even burp him if it helps, but I draw the line at diaper changing. So go Habs, and when that’s over (probably in the next 2 games) go Pens!!

So here we are on our first morning, sipping our coffee and watching the waves roll in. The ocean is our front yard, nice view to wake up to. This is a private villa rental, it is shown on the VRBO website (villa rentals by owner) under the Cayman Islands, and the villa’s name is Seafan Meadows. I’ve used VRBO before and I haven’t been disappointed yet. We rented a villa in Saint Bart’s last April and we’ve come to the conclusion that we prefer our own place and pool rather than sharing facilities in a resort or condominium complex. Seafan Meadows is very bright and airy, as you will see in the pics I will post during the week. There’s just the two of us, but it would comfortably fit 4-6 guests. The villa is beautifully decorated; the kitchen is fully equipped and first rate. If you’re a bit of an audiophile there are 10,000 CD’s recorded on the computer for your listening pleasure. My other half was impressed that somebody actually has more CD’s recorded than he does, and trust me, that’s quite a feat. There’s a small car included in the rental, we’ll be ready to take it for a spin this afternoon to pick up a few essentials (food) and start our exploration of the Brac.

So off we went in our cute little car. Driving here is the same as in the U.K. on the left side of the road. Hurricane Paloma hit the Brac in November of 2008 and the cleanup is still a work in progress. Pretty island, we took two hours to go around it entirely and made mental notes of where everything was, you know the important stuff…liquor store etc. Sundays are quiet here; everything is closed with the exception of one gas station and grocery store. I’m currently in the process of figuring out what to do with the pork chops I bought for tonight, the kitchen is stocked with every spice you can think of and there is a nice selection of cookbooks. I’m making my grocery list for tomorrow according to the ingredients in some of the recipes. We spent the balance of the afternoon by the pool soaking up some of the rays. The weather here is beautiful, relatively low humidity and a constant warn breeze ripples through the palm trees. A sun worshipper’s dream, I don’t feel like a chicken roasting on a spit, it’s wonderful. Well, it’s officially happy hour now, time to have a glass of wine that our landlords graciously offered to secure yesterday because of our flight delay, bless them. Off I go to drown my sorrows ( re: Habs) and watch the sunset. Stay tuned tomorrow for another update and more Habs hand wringing from the Brac.

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