Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow.......

Well folks, how do you like them apples? Just when things started looking up, wham… we’re dealt a near fatal blow. I say “near” because now it’s like sitting by the bedside of a team on life support and the doctor’s given them a ten percent survival rate. The next seventy two hours will be crucial but all you can do is wait, pray and reminisce about what could have been. If only he hadn’t skated by at that exact second, if only they didn’t have to play the leafs in the last week of the season, so many what if’s. But what’s done is done; we can’t change it and just have to deal with the hand that’s been dealt. Even if our boys survive the weekend the long term prognosis is grim. We’re grownups, we’re realistic and we know that without divine intervention or Price becoming the reincarnation of Patrick Roy our season is finished. Just like that. Here one day gone the next. Our Centennial year was more like a chronic illness, some days feeling better than others but never quite feeling one hundred percent. Then we took a turn for the worse, called in a specialist and it appeared we had gone into remission. But then a cruel twist of fate has struck again, so as fans it’s now our duty to stroke a forehead, rub an arm and just whisper words of encouragement and let them know how much we love them and wish we could all still be together when the flowers are in full bloom. Life goes on and as my mom used to say; when you hear of a death it’s always followed by a birth. That birth will happen in September of 2009 and I predict they will all be boys, twenty four of them.

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