Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunset on Cayman Brac, the Habs season and our vacation........

Today is our last full day on the Brac; we head back to Grand Cayman tomorrow morning, stay overnight and then we're on our way home to Montreal late Sunday afternoon. It goes far too quickly. It’s another howler here today, big waves, not ideal conditions for snorkeling. No big deal, just staying around the house is fine. Mr. Moey went for a drive yesterday afternoon to explore the north end of the island. He took a walk along the beach and said there are a couple of nice resorts there.

Spent some time yesterday listening to the final press conferences from some of the players and Gainey. With any luck we’ll see Kovalev Koivu & Lang sporting the CH next season. Robert Lang is becoming my new favorite Hab; I like what he has to say and how he says it. I have to be careful not to jinx his re-signing for next year; everything I like becomes discontinued, including my car. Looks like Washington might get ousted by the Rangers, that surprises me I don’t feel that the Rangers are an especially good team, word has it that their goalie Lundqvist has been standing on his head. Tough break for the Caps. Pittsburg is just one win away from winning their series against the Flyers. Go Pens; finish off the broad street bullies tomorrow. Ideally I’d like to see Pittsburg and Anaheim in the finals, I'm really curious to find out if that weird duck dream I had means anything.

A quick recap of our vacation this week: eat, drink, suntan, swim, sleep, eat, drink, suntan, swim, sleep. Repeat X 7 days. Absolutely brilliant, just what the doctor ordered.

I will post pics of Seafan Meadows and a couple of Grand Cayman on Monday or Tuesday next week. We get into Montreal late Sunday night, and I won’t have time to blog tomorrow as we’ll be busy doing some last minute shopping, eating, drinking, sun tanning and swimming on Grand Cayman. You gotta make every minute count!

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