Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rumors and other stuff......

I haven't posted anything recently mainly because I've been waiting for the outcome of the semi-finals. My Pens are in (woo-hoo) and I hope Detroit mops up tonight. I hope the Carey bashers have been watching Marc-Andre Fleury, that's the level of play that I'm hoping Carey reaches in a couple of years, forget the Dryden / Roy comparisons.

As usual, due to the lack of no real hockey news the Internet becomes a breeding ground for rumors. My favorite one so far is the Price for Briere trade. The scary part is that there are actually people out there that believe it, can you say "gullible?" My cat's smarter than that. The other one is from a Russian paper, can you say "propaganda", not that Russia's ever been guilty of that. According to them, Kovalev has been offered between 6-7 million for one season and the captaincy. Hmm....(she puts finger to cheek a la Mike Myers) I don't think so. If Koivu decides he doesn't want to return or can't reach a mutual agreement with Habs' management I have no problem with Kovy taking over as captain. If Bob sees fit to sign Kovy for two years at 7 million I'm all for it. Ideally I would like to see Koivu, Kovalev, Tanguay, Lang and Schneider resigned. Koivu, Kovy and Tanguay for two year deals, Lang & Schneider for one year. These guys all proved their worth, the rest I'll leave up to Bob's better judgement. The only accurate reports worth reading about signings will be when Bob officially issues a press release with the details. In the meantime anything I read or hear will go in one ear and out the other.

Buyers keep lining up to put bids in for the Habs, Gillette hasn't put them up for sale and we don't know if he will so I don't see any point in speculating about that. All I know is if Celine Dion ends up owning my Habs, I'm jumping on the good ship Penguins but I reserve the right to come back if she sells them.

So Patrick Roy turns down the GM position for the Avalanche, I wonder if there's more to it? Maybe there's been discussions with the Habs about him participating in a role on the coaching staff, I'd love to see him as Carey's goalie coach.

A big shout out to Georges Laraque for his beliefs and efforts regarding the ethical treatment of animals. Georges wants everyone to watch "Earthlings", it's available on line for a nominal fee or you can order the DVD through his website. I haven't watched it yet; five years ago I read a case on the Internet about a dog that was savagely beaten to death by it's owner, the bastard took three hours to finish the job to maximize its' suffering. When the police finally arrived because of a neighbour's complaint, they couldn't recognize that it had been a dog. I still think about that and get really upset. I'm afraid that watching an entire documentary on cruelty would push me over the edge.

One last note for today, I just want to caution my male readers about the Brazilian wandering spider, apparently its' bite can cause a very painful erection that can last for several hours. Now don't go running to the nearest exotic pet store, it can also be fatal.


Dennis said...

This is about the third time reports have come out of Russia regarding the Habs before any reports have come out of Canada. You're right, Moey, we can't put any stock in this. But one thing I must say, though,(and I know this peeves many to no end), is that Saku Koivu did very little for the Habs this year. If they've decided big changes need to made, then lets start with Koivu.I might be tarred and feathered for this.

Moey said...

How about a little tarring minus the feathers? I do have a soft spot for Koivu, but as a wise man once said, never fall in love with a racehorse or a hockey player, it'll just cost you money. In all fairness, nobody did a lot for the Habs this year, including Carbo. I'd like to see what an experienced coach can do with the current core squad along with the aquisition of a solid D man, by Christmas you'd have a clearer picture of who stays and who goes.

Dennis said...

Moey, I can't seem to find one of those Brazilian spiders anywhere. I've looked and looked.

Moey said...

Hey Dennis, you like to live dangerously :) Here is a bit more info, you may get lucky if a few hitch a ride on a banana boat headed for Vancouver :)

The Brazilian Wandering Spider is not for the "pet keeper". Brazilian Wandering Spiders are extremely fast, extremely venomous, and extremely aggressive. These large and dangerous true spiders are ranked among the most venomous spiders known to man. In fact, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is the most venomous spider in the New World! In South America, these true spiders are commonly encountered in peoples' homes, supposedly hiding in peoples' shoes, hats, and other clothes. The Brazilian Wandering Spider does not remain on a web, rather, it wanders the forest floor, hence the name. The Brazilian Wandering Spider has another distinguished common name - the Banana Spider. The Brazilian Wandering Spider was given the name "Banana Spider" because there have been cases where these spiders unintentionally appeared on banana boats heading for the United States. The Brazilian Wandering Spider should be held with the highest respect. For those who manage to obtain one of these deadly spiders, always remain vigilant and don't get bitten!