Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beaches cont'd......crickets in Habsland

This is one of my top ten beaches. Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands, a very small island but the sand on the beach is like baby powder. There are private villas and hotel rooms to rent. They also have a marina where we docked overnight and had a wonderful meal in the Tradewinds restaurant. There was a rather large yacht parked directly across from us, we were afraid that the crew (or the full service waiters) would mistake us for their dinghy, I kid you not and we weren't exactly on a rowboat. Check out Peter Island on the Internet and let me know what you think.

So Vinnie was at the local Chrysler dealer last night signing autographs. I didn't go, I heard it was at least an hour wait in line. I wouldn't line up for an hour if Prada was giving out freebies and I absolutely love shoes. I really don't give a rats' patootie about Vinnie unless he ends up playing for the Habs one of these days. Word on the street is that he was quite affable and charming. I didn't even bother to go and see Kovy when he was at the local mall last fall. I don't like crowds and I like lining up even less.

Still no news out of Habsland and the lack of news has everyone grasping at straws for something to talk about, especially the sports media. The Team 990 is having a guest matchmaker on at 6:00 tonight, she runs a dating service in Montreal. Desperate times.......good God Bob have mercy on us, make an announcement, even if it's only what you're having for dinner tonight or your plans for the weekend, we'll take it.

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