Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hockey, drinks and beaches.....the ongoing saga.

This was my very first Caribbean beach vacation, Paradise Island in Nassau, (Bahamas) way way back in the day. It was also the first time I was on a plane, Quebec Air no less. My cousin and I spent two weeks there in the middle of July. Total cost for a two week package deal including airfare and hotel was $500.00. I was a novice sun tanner, having never been in the tropics I lay out in the sun lily white with baby oil on. Boy did I learn the hard way!

RDS is reporting that Guy Carbonneau met with Bob Gainey last week. According to the article, Guy still has questions that haven't been answered. He goes on to say that he would have understood being fired if they hadn't made the playoffs. C'mon now Guy, at the rate the team was going did you honestly think you would have made it into the playoffs? The team was going down faster than a fat boy that dropped his cake. Here's some advice Guy, have a V8 or a pomegranate martini (see below) and please don't accept any coaching jobs until you've figured out why you lost this one.

A big shout out to Dennis Kane (his blog is listed on the right) for letting me know that Mark Messier is the winner of "The Crying Game".

I just picked up a new pre-mixed drink by Smirnoff called Pomegranate Martini, you just add ice. It smells great, I'll sample it tonight before dinner.


Number31 said...

I gave Guy the benefit of the doubt, and then the errors were never addressed and the guys looked so lost for so long. Frankly if Guy still doesn't get it, then it just tells me he can't see past his own nose.

It's nearly impossible to watch any hockey down here on the beaches of South Carolina...

Moey said...

Greetings 31! Carbo obviously won't learn from his mistakes if he won't accept that he made any. Good luck to him coaching elsewhere. I read one of your posts about the lack of hockey coverage in the south, last October I was on my way to Florida flying through Philly. In the airport there were sports shops and all they had was baseball and basketball hats etc. No sign of anything Flyers related. Florida is the same,all baseball stuff. Enjoy the beach and have a safe trip home.