Sunday, June 7, 2009

Penguins on thin ice?

Wow, talk about momentum shifts. This is like a crazy game of ping pong. The Penguins looked like the Habs last night, they looked like they'd forgotten how to play hockey. I've never understood how a team can play great hockey one night and then stink the joint out the next. One thing is for sure, if the goalie is having an off night and Fleury was, it has a dominoe effect. Players tend to give up and when it's a lost cause the goonery begins. I think the Pens will take game 6 but beating Detroit at home in a game 7? Yikes.

So I tried that Pomegranate Martini mix last night, it's quite sweet but it's a nice refreshing summer drink. I also made some open faced blue cheese stuffed burgers on grilled garlic bread. Mr. Moey gave it a two thumbs up and given the fact that he can't boil water, that makes him a very smart man.

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