Monday, June 1, 2009

There's a new coach on the block.....

On the off season and in the spirit of summer, I will post pictures of my first love, beaches. Specifically beaches that I've been fortunate enough to have been on. Today's pick....Fiji.

So we have a new coach and a soon to be new goalie coach. I don't know anything about Jacques Martin so I'll just have to wait and see. One thing for sure, if he's willing to leave a fairly cushy GM position in Florida to come and coach here, he's no slouch, he wants a challenge. Good on him, he's come to the right place. I don't care what kind of system he uses, as long as we win. I was chuckling to myself listening to the press conference this afternoon when Pat Hickey asks Jacques "How do you think you would handle an Alex Kovalev who has a free form style and does his own thing?" Very diplomatic Pat, what you really meant was Alex does whatever the hell he likes, he's not going to change, so good luck with that. If Kovalev does re-sign, this should be interesting (amusing) to watch. At least now with a head coach in place, Bob can get on with filling out the roster. I'm anxious to know what this team will look like for next season. Time to go pour a glass of wine and say some Penguin prayers. It's not looking good.


If anyone has favorite beaches they would like to recommend please leave a comment!


Dennis said...

I like the pool at the Mirage hotel in Vegas. Does that count?
And about Jacques Martin, you're right about not caring what system he uses, as long as he wins. Michel Farber, however, thinks the whole idea sucks.
(I hope I pasted that right.)

Dennis said...

I'm sorry. I wasn't able to post Farber's story so you could just link to it. I don't know why.

Moey said...

The Mirage! Out of all the fancy schmancy hotels in Vegas, that was my favorite. I'm a cat person so I would spend a fair bit of time in the Secret Garden. I guess it's gone now that Sigfreid and Roy no longer perform?

I read Farber's article, to each his own. I actually like the fact that a lot of the so-called experts think the Habs will be lousy next year. Hopefully we can surprise.

Number31 said...

Ogunquit, Maine is absolutely lovely.