Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday afternoon musings.....

This is where my love of beaches first began as a little kid, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. We used to go there every summer until I was in my teens.

I've come to the conclusion that Gary Bettman is the Arthur Fonzarelli of hockey. C'mon Gary, just try to say it, take baby steps. I was wwwrroon....(he breaks into a cold sweat). Try it again Gary, it goes like this, I was wrong about Phoenix being a good hockey market. Isn't that easy? Keep trying Gary, once you get it out the first time, it'll get easier. And Gary, I know it's tough but for once in your life just leave your ego at the door and do what's best for hockey. Let Jim buy the Coyotes and move them to Hamilton. Please.

Pens are hanging in there, winning tomorrow night will be crucial. If they lose and have to go back to Detroit 3-1 it's game over. I'm hoping this series goes to a game seven and is decided in overtime, milk it for all it's worth so I can spend less time this summer going through hockey withdrawal. To keep the suffering to a minimum I'll be playing YouTube videos of the Habs, their 1993 cup run, the playoff preview for 2008 when we really thought they had a chance at the cup. I'm just going to erase last season from my memory bank like it never happened, like the old movie "The Lost Weekend". It was just a blip on the radar, an anomaly. The sky is now much bluer in my world.

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