Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adventures in LA la land.....

Well, there's really no hockey news to speak of, so I'm continuing on with my beaches series. For the next few days I'm going to focus on California, starting with Malibu and finishing with San Francisco. I spent quite a bit of time in California, I was laid off from my company after 21 years, (they relocated to Ontario) so I happily took my severance pay and took a year off. I drove to California at the beginning of August, spent three months with my sister then purchased a circle the globe ticket returning back to L.A. in February and made my way back to Montreal in April. Poor Mr. Moey was in Montreal keeping the home fires burning, after all somebody had to keep working and pay the bills. He did have a lot of business in San Francisco at the time, so we managed to have some great long weekends in California. The first spot I took him to was one of my favorite places; Malibu beach and Geoffrey's restaurant, both pictured below.

Geoffrey's is located on the Pacific Coast Highway, it has an amazing view in a gorgeous setting. We had dinner there but the Sunday brunch is a do not miss. They make a great Eggs Benedict with a twist, they used toasted croissants and prosciutto instead of the standard English muffin and ham. That along with a couple of Mimosas (champagne and orange juice) was a piece of food heaven. Mr. Moey loved it; the weekend was off to a great start, that is until I dragged him kicking and screaming on a four day cruise to Catalina and Mexico. Mr. Moey is not a big fan of cruises, from the trough dining to lining up like cattle to board the tenders into shore it just doesn't do it for him, he'd rather stick pins in his eyes. He did manage to pick up a few leather items in Mexico at a very good price, so that eased the pain a little. Back on dry land, we did some shopping on Rodeo drive with a little visit to Harry Winston the famous jeweler to the stars. I'll recap that adventure in the days to come.


Dennis said...

Moey, we were in Malibu not long ago and we loved it. A place I'd seen in movies all my life. But LA's so busy. I'd never seen any city that busy.

Moey said...


It's rush hour 24/7. I remember having to go to the airport on a Saturday morning, what was normally a 40 minute drive took almost 2 hours. In saying that I'd rather drive there than in Quebec, they're more courteous.