Friday, August 14, 2009

Give me a frigging break!

I hate this picture. It's a load of bullcrap. Does this guy think we're that feeble minded that we believe he's suddenly morphed into St. Francis of Assisi? To top it off he's doing volunteer work at the Humane Society. I wouldn't let this guy within a hundred miles of any animal.

Right on Mikey, remember this?

I'm glad he got jail time but I say let the punishment fit the crime; they should have tied him to a post and let some of those dogs have a go at him. An eye for an eye, literally.


Dennis said...

And look at the look on his face. Somehow I'm missing the dog-lover in Michael Vick. If only animals could get their revenge.

Moey said...

What kills me is his public apology. "I'm truly sorry for what I did." He's only sorry he got caught. At least some of the dogs were saved. Best Friends animal santuary in Utah took them which is a wonderful place. Check it on the web sometime if you have a free moment.

Dennis said...

I will have a look at that site, Moey. I'm a real animal lover and come from an animal-loving family. My mom always used to say she like animals more than most people.

Moey said...

That's funny, my dad used to say the same thing! Actually I'm a bit like that myself :) I put spiders and flies back outside rather than kill them. It bugs me about all the flack some people are giving Georges Laraque for being an animal rights activist, calling him a wuss etc. I like that quality in a guy. It means he respects people too.