Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here comes the sun!!

Wow! The forecast in Montreal for the next four days is sunny, that's right count 'em folks four whole days of sunshine, no rain and no hail. I hope it holds up, my tan is fading rapidly. I've managed to hang on to it since April (with a little help from my favorite Suntana beds) but it needs some topping up. Bring it on!

A question for you, with the recent shenanigans of a Mr. Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, if you were the cabbie and his complaint is legit, what would you do?

Would you....

A) based on principle go through the legal system
B) take a payout

Personally, I would be all about "show me the money." That would buy a lot of suntanning minutes and probably a pretty decent beach holiday.


Number31 said...

Tough question... But if I were a 60-something year old cabbie wearing with what looks like my only shirt ever, I'd probably go "cheque please".

If he wants to keep playing hockey, he'll smarten up. But people have gotten away for less for more heinous acts...

Moey said...

Yup, first person that comes to mind is O.J., and Michael Vicks ain't on my Christmas card list either.

How are your tomatoe plants doing? Mine are struggling along, I can proudly state that I've harvested a whopping total of 13 cherry tomatoes so far. But, on the bright side we're in for four days of sun right up until Sunday. Happy days.

Number31 said...

My tomatoes are just tiny little green balls on branches. I have no idea what happened to them... My one green pepper that actually started to enlarge also appears to have stalled. Maybe I should get some special veggie plant food for them... The sun is welcome though. I got a glass panel balcony (and I'm on the sunny side), so it protects them from St-John's blvd dust and doubles as a greenhouse!