Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More beaches and a wee bit of hockey......

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

How pretty is this? Mr.Moey and I spent a week there a few years back. It was the first time I booked accommodation on the Internet and when we arrived at the hotel I realized I had totally screwed up. The room was shabby and run down. I went to see the hotel manager and while I was walking towards the office I spotted the small condos at the other side of the bay. THAT was where I thought I had booked. I explained this to the manager and he tried his best to rectify things. The condos were booked solid but he managed to get us a nicer room with a mini kitchen and living area. Not the end of the world and the welcome rum cocktail (or two) helped too.

We unpacked our things and headed out to the marina bar for happy hour when it started to rain, not just a sun shower but torrential rain. And it rained for seven days and seven nights. Take it from me; you'd rather be glued to a tree than be stuck with yours truly on a tropical vacation with bad weather. Between the rain and my tears Mr. Moey was ready to throw himself off the nearest cliff. Imagine the mud sliding down the hills every day turning the water a lovely poo brown color. Imagine me in my stiletto heels and $60.00 pedicure up to my knees in mud and it's oozing between my toes. Not pretty at all.

We did meet four girls from Toronto who were taking a break from their husbands and kids, so we all commiserated and drank a lot of rum punch together. Mr. Moey was actually enjoying himself with his new found harem, men are easy to please. After four days of my incessant whining Mr. Moey suggested a shopping day, we checked out the duty free shops in town and Mr. Moey bought me a beautiful gold bracelet, what can I say, desperate times but it did shut me up, probably the best money he ever spent.

This was the worst Caribbean vacation we ever had and I really can't rate the beaches in St. Lucia and because of the trauma I never want to return, I'm starting to twitch just thinking about it.

Now for a wee bit of hockey, I was quite pleased that Jacques Martin went to Calgary to spend some time getting to know Carey Price and I liked what he said about being a father figure to some of the younger guys. Carey Price is a very talented goaltender and I don't want to see him run out of town because of some nutcase fickle Habs fans. Bob Gainey alluded to that when he did his post season press interview. Bob has set the stage for Price. He has a better defense in front of him, a new goal tending coach and a new head coach who is known for his success in developing and mentoring young players. I think we'll see a more mature and consistent Price this year and hopefully some Habs fans will follow suit.

I plucked this comment off of a Pens blog dated in 2007:

To compound matters, Marc-Andre Fleury has been a disappointment in goal, playing like a junior star who is unable to make the transition to the NHL.

Does that sound familiar?

I vaguely recall a certain Marc-Andre Fleury skating around a rink in Detroit holding something shiny. Do you think it's the same guy?


Number31 said...

Oh man, nothing sucks worse than spending vacation time at the beach during what looks like monsoon season. I've been lucky, but I know some people who went to Cuba and the likes to a rainy week. Of course, they also went during peak hurricane season...

Funny observation I must make! The other day I was building furniture with the NHLnetwork on and the Stars/Avs playoff game was on. I gotta say...Roy let in the WORST goals ever! Price? I haven't seen him do the same, except in the Flyers series but hey, he was rookie then (and it wasn't like anyone else was trying in that series either). This was Roy, the veteran winner...

Also I swear we have the highest GAA marker in the league concerning "goalie being interfered with by his own teammates". Looking at you Komisaurus, Higgins. (Oh right)! In contrast to that, MAF has the highest GAA concerning "goalie causing his own damn problems". I'll be hiding behind the sofa when he wanders from his net during the Olympics. Egads!

Moey said...

We went to St. Lucia in November, I won't ever make that mistake again. I had no idea it was rainy season.

Another thing I was sick of looking at last year was how many times Price and Halak were run over by the opposition and our guys just stood around doing nothing. I think this new squad has some character. The defense couldn't be any worse than last year.

Moey said...

Oh and another thing 31, I always thought Roy ran hot and cold, but there was a lot more hot. They all let in softies I just want the Bell Center crowd to stay off his back and cut him some slack.

Dennis said...

Good stuff about Price, Moey. He has been immature in the past on occasion, but he's so young. Martin going out there probably went a long way with Price and his family, and may just be the thing that will make Price want to play for this coach. Most great goalies have been older than him, and he needs time. Hopefully this is the year he'll show everyone what he's made of.