Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The silence is deafening.......

Let's see, I haven't posted in a week, so here's a recap.

Alex Kovalev has been invited to the Russian Olympic team tryouts. That's nice.

The Patrick Marleau - San Jose trade rumors to Montreal refuse to die. Whatever.

I was in Saint Sauveur on the weekend and we had two nice days in a row! Now that's news worth reporting.

Here's a YouTube video on Hitler finding out that Kovalev has signed with Ottawa. Check it out if you haven't already. Funny stuff.


So.....what about you, any holiday plans or juicy hockey rumors to tide us over until October?


Dennis said...

Moey, the Hitler thing is priceless. Wow. I wish I would've discovered that. You should have that up front and centre.

Moey said...


If you surf YouTube, there is the same Hitler video about Sundin and Dany Heatley, both really funny.