Friday, September 18, 2009

Benedict Moey?

I received the following email from an Anaheim Ducks blogger:

Nice to hear from you, Maureen. And nice to hear I have a reader that's a Habs fan. Glad to hear you're rooting for the Ducks now that we have Saku. He seems to be a great guy and we're looking forward to watching him play here.

Thanks for the email. I appreciate it.

- Adam

Yup, I'm wearing two caps this year and I'm proud of it.  You got anything to say about it?  Bring it on!
Meanwhile, back in Hablsand the boys got off to a decent start last night.  From what I've  heard and read Price was solid in nets (phew) and our newest aquisitions made a splash.  Even though it's only an exhibition game, those pesky Panthers always gave us a run for our money, we totally dictated the play in the first two periods.  I'm not concerned about the third, it was a chance for the young guns to show their stuff and Price was on the bench.  I'm looking forward to tonights' game, I always liked games between Ottawa, they play the same style of hockey, skilled and speedy. Kovy is a no show, I guess he's saving his glorious return for the real season.
The real test for the new Habs will be when they play the "Bay Street Bullies" aka the loathsome Leafs, or as I like to call them "goons in training".  Like it or not, the Leafs tend to beat us more often than not, without a lot of talent.  We need to make a statement, show them there's a new sheriff in town and the days of ass-kickings are over.
Pizza, beer and wine on tap at Chez Moey's tonight.  I have visitors from Toronto coming in this afternoon, but they're ex-Montrealer's and die hard Habs fans.  It's nice to have company to watch a game with, Mr. Moey is not a fan.  He can get the refills.
Cheers and go Habs go!!

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