Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Bob,

I hope you've enjoyed your summer, I know you were busy in July but I'm sure you found some time to relax. So now it's almost that time of year again. I'm asking you for a favor Bob, you need to throw me a fricken' bone. It doesn't have to be a soup bone (that would be a Koivu or a Kovy) a chicken wing will suffice. Let me explain. I need someone on the team that I like, yes of course if they're wearing the CH I like them all, but someone that I REALLY like. I know it doesn't make hockey sense, but it makes Moey sense. I never warmed to the brothers or the Plekster. They never speak, I don't even know if they have personalities.  It's hard to get attached to door knobs, Bob. A blogging buddy of mine named Robert L wrote a nice piece on Robert Lang. Remember him Bob? Our best player last year, as I recall. Good all round guy too, and he could actually get the K brothers to produce, Bob. Check out my buddies' blog, I'll make it easy for you, here's the link.


And in case you forget what he looks like:

Isn't that a good idea? I REALLY REALLY liked Robert Lang, I think I might be able to ease up on my Prozac prescription if you sign him for a year and maybe blow out the candles and turn the lights on again at night. And between you and me, this fetal position is really starting to get uncomfortable and the thumb sucking is ruining my manicure.

Just one little chicken wing Bob, that's all I ask.


Moping  Hoping in Beaconsfield


Number31 said...

I love the happy hairy Czech! Even with his bizarre ability to completely miss wide-open nets. It was a refreshing rumour for a change eh? (About him being invited to a try-out in camp).

Moey said...

Yup, it was, but a girl can always hope!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your piece on Lang I feel the same way, that is until I saw that you were from Beaconsfield. Sad thing Beaconsfield. I'll have to re-evaluate the Lang feeling.

Moey said...

@ Anon,

C'mon now, what's wrong with the waste island?

moeman said...

Lang seemed happy to be a Hab. Get him before the leaf does.

Moey said...


Something else I noticed about Lang, he's 6'3 and 210 lbs. We could use his size. It's funny how things worked out after the Sundin saga, he's unemployed but if Lang has recovered well from his injury he can still be a valuable contributor for any team.