Friday, September 25, 2009

Decorating dilemma......

Mr. Moey has been spending a lot of time in the basement redoing some TV and computer wiring from top to bottom throughout the house. It’s a typical man thing, spending countless hours doing something that no one will ever notice instead of putting a coat of paint on a wall that desperately needs it. He came out of his dungeon the other day and said, “Moey you’ll have to take those posters off the wall down there, those guys are all gone.” We have an unfinished basement so I had put up a few Habs players just to give the room a bit of color. I took a look, and sure enough, there was Saku, Kovy, Tanguay and Komisarek, plus a centennial poster with these four and Price on it. Sigh.

Well, one thing is for certain and as God is my witness Saku Koivu will never come down from that wall wearing the CH. There will only be two exceptions - a) if we move or b) when I’m carried out feet first and knowing Mr. Moey and his separation anxiety issues, moving is highly unlikely so I guess it will be the latter. I’m thinking of building a small alter under Saku, where I can place a few candles. A shrine of sorts.  I personally feel the man should be canonized; Saint Saku has a nice ring to it. Kovy can stay, when Ottawa has their fill of him, he could be back. Tanguay gets a pass too; I liked him while he was with us and would have been happy if he had returned.

Now, I’m left with Mr. Komisarek, (she claps her hands in glee) ”oohh Mikey ripping you off the wall just won’t cut it, you deserve special treatment, a fitting demise for being such a traitor to the CH.” So here’s the plan Mikey, my youngest child (cat) hails from Texas, he’s living and breathing proof that everything IS bigger in Texas, all 24 cuddly pounds of him. He has the cutest little twang when he meows, it sounds more like me’yall. Mikey, your mug is going to line the big Texans’ litter box, he’s the proud purveyor of the biggest and steamiest pile of poop you could ever imagine and I think it will be more meaningful coming from a fellow countryman.

I will be putting up new posters during the season when my Canadiens' magazine starts rolling in;  they always contain a pop out poster of the player being showcased in that issue. This blog post is a warning to all the newcomers, if you don’t want to suffer the same fate as traitor Mikey, and you want to remain on Moey’s wall of fame even after you are no longer a Hab, please govern yourselves accordingly.


moeman said...

There's kittens and then there's cat poop (not sure if Moey wants cuss words on her blog) on Dou$harek. Love it!

Mr. Moey better be hanging on tight to his beautiful better half... Great post Moey.

Dennis said...

I think you should've left Komisarek's poster up and threw darts at it. It could be a weekly event. Komisarek Dart Night. Darts up his nose.

Moey said...


Thanks! A perfect end to His Douchnesses' career in Montreal.


To add insult to injury, he was wearing the "jammy" uniform. Another reason it was hard to look at. It had to go.