Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy centennial to me!

It's not my 100th birthday, but it's the 100th post since the birth of this blog last November. Does she have it in her to post another 100 not ready for prime time mindless rants and musings of the Moey variety? You bet she does! Here's a comprehensive in depth look at today’s hot hockey topics:

Sergei K - screw him

Robert Lang - congrats on your contract but I wish you were still playing for us, thanks for the memories. Sniff.

For the first time in 100 years the Habs will start the season captainless - the downside to this is the angst and handwringing will continue with the fans and the media. The actual team (and I) could care less.

The Phoenix fiasco continues, the judge has rejected both Jimmy’s and the NHL's bids. Hmmm, Mr. Moey wrote me a blank check a while back in case of emergencies. Note to self - check the date.

Sundin retires - yawn.

Habs have finished their team bonding/bondage sessions - I heard there were blindfolds involved. Whatever it takes.

24 hours before the puck drops at the ACC, 24 hours and 2 minutes before the gloves come off.

Last minute breaking news, Markov, Gionta and Gill will wear the "A'' for tomorrow nights' game

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