Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I like!

I really have the feeling that our new team is in very good coaching hands this season.  My first edition of the Canadiens' magazine came in the mail yesterday and there is a good article on Jacques Martin.  Some interesting stats,  a comparison scale of games coached before stepping behind the Habs bench was an eyeopener for me. Scotty Bowman - 238 games, Jacques Demers - 640, Jacques Martin - 1098.  He was the winner of the 1999 Jack Adams award and is the most experienced coach in Habs history.  I liked his third period adjustments last night.  I don't find his pre or post game interviews boring at all.  He has a no nonsense, sensible approach.  He also dismisses the "defensive coach" notion that people seem to have about him.  He states that in his early years with Ottawa , they didn't have much offensive talent. He said they had to adjust to the game they were capable of playing, his philosophy is that when you don't have the puck you are on defense and when you do you're on offense.  Last nights' third period was fast, exciting offensive hockey.  Carey Price looked comfortable in nets, from what I've heard Martin is having more of a father-son relationship with him rather than a coach - player one.  Whatever it takes Jacques, I'm all for it. Is it too early to get the silver polish out?


Number31 said...

I'm really happy with the way things are looking. Noticed how the penalties were curbed lately? The first penalty for the Habs last night was Spacek's high stick near the end of the 2nd.


Moey said...


That's true enough about the penalties, I guess Martin will have them playing more disciplined hockey.

Kittens are awesome. They just grow up too fast!

moeman said...

Martin has been summarily slagged by the CotU/leaf media. Most of it undeserved and dished out by non-hockey fans but pure lovers of all things leaf. I've always liked the guy. He's honest, smart, knows his hockey and respects the game and his players. I think he is a great addition to our Habs. He is our coaCH. Good Luck Jacques!