Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid week ramblings and mini rant..........

I'll start this post by saying I've had a really crappy few days. I've got that rotten flu/cold or whatever it is. Not fun. The endless controversy over who should be the next captain of the Habs has drained what little energy I have left. I can't turn on the radio, open a newspaper or put on the local news without it smacking me in the face. Yes, I'm a Habs fan, but I'm not obsessed, this relentless coverage is past ridiculous. It's worse than the Sundin saga from last year. I would love if training camp was closed to the media along with the locker room after games. I just want to see them play hockey, that's it. Let's face it, nobody knows how this team is going to look, not the media, not the fans, the players nor the coach or the GM and certainly not those idiots at TSN that are making predictions.

A couple of positive things among the muck, Carbo has landed a gig on HNIC. I was a very strong Carbo supporter during his tenure in Montreal but unfortunately he just didn't have the experience to deal with the shit storm that hit the Habs last season. I still like the guy and wish him well and I hope to hell he's replacing Mike Millbury.

Has anyone heard about the CBC special Battle of the Blades? Ex NHL'ers pairing up with figure skaters, an on ice version of Dancing with the Stars. I think it should be mandatory for all retired players to participate at least once. All I can picture is Kovy throwing his partner into the air, forgetting about her and dipsy doodling down to the other end of the ice. Classic stuff.

I would also like to thank some of my fellow bloggers (listed at the right of this blog) for keeping me sane and entertained this off season with humor, interesting tidbits and most importantly, just plain common sense. It's a rare commodity folks; I tip my hat to all of you.

First exhibition game tomorrow night, hockey's back, let us rejoice!


Dennis said...

Hope you're feeling fine real soon, Moey. Try some brandy.

Number31 said...

Unfortunately, apparently the team gets fined if they lock out the media. Lame!

Moey said...

Thanks Dennis, brandy sounds much better than the Chinese tea I've been drinking! Another sure fire remedy is Scotch, boiling water, lemon and sugar. Bleh, but it works.

Moey said...


That's true, isn't it somewhere around $10,000 a pop? I'm not sure.