Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays....some thoughts.

Rainy days and Mondays, two of my not so favorite things. I don’t particularly like rain and Monday’s just plain suck. I ended up leaving late for the office this morning, Mr. Moey had an I.T. emergency during the night and he left the house at 2:30 AM. He had booked an appointment for an inspector to come to our house at 8:00 AM and he wouldn’t make it back in time to meet with him, so I stuck around. As it turned out, the inspector had to cancel the appointment due to a personal emergency. While I sat waiting for Mr. No Show, I tuned into my morning sports radio program and to no surprise, the Price versus Halak debate was the topic du jour.

Some people feel very strongly about the fact that Halak had a better camp and clearly emerged the superior goaltender. Others felt that Price is the anointed number one and he should get the start on Thursday against the Leafs. I’m in the second camp, I’m not on the Price bandwagon per say, but I understand the logic behind the Habs’ brain trust. See: Marc-Andre Fleury, check out his stats and story on Wikipedia, there are a lot of similarities to Price, but keep in mind Fleury is two years older. He had his share of ups and downs but the Pens patience and Fleury’s perseverance paid off, in spades.

My concern is not with Price or Halak, but with the fans and the media. Every goal that Price lets in is dissected and put under a microscope. I’m sure that if the shot came from a sniper perched on top of the Texas Book Depository and Price keeled over in his net, there would be murmurs in the crowd, “that was a softie, he should have had that, my granny could have stopped that.”

People, get a grip, he will let in goals and sometimes they will be softies, maybe one every game. Like it or not, it could be another two years before Price emerges as the franchise goaltender we want and need him to become and if the relentless scrutiny and pressure doesn’t stop my biggest fear is that it may not be with us.

I also had some time to surf the net and I came across an interview with George Laraques. He made some comments on how much chattier and cheerier the dressing room is now. I’m not surprised to hear that, it’s like going to the same job and seeing the same people day after day, it gets boring and routine. The Habs’ dressing room is full of new faces and personalities, of course it’s chatty and everyone is getting to know each other. That interview was acquired and printed solely for the purpose of putting a huge question mark over Koivu’s leadership. Let it go, everyone is moving on and so should the media, we’ve had enough already.

I have stated in a few previous blogs that Mr. Moey is not a hockey fan. That might be the biggest understatement of the year. Picture this, June 1993. The Habs are in the finals against the Kings. We have a room full of people over because we were one of the few that had a 50” TV screen back in the day. Mr. Moey is lying on the floor; he dozes off and accidentally rolls over the remote. The game is in overtime and suddenly the channel switches. The shrieks and cussing woke the poor tired soul up as we frantically try to find the remote. Meanwhile the Habs score; we managed to catch it on the replay after he was banned from the room. Need I say more?


Dennis said...

I think you should kill Mr. Moey.

Moey said...

Ha! Another notable was the big comeback in 2008. He was sleeping (naturally) and I was downstairs jumping up and down with a pillow stuffed in my mouth so he couldn't hear me yelling. The cats thought I was nuts.