Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't fret........yet

Oy vay.  The losses are mounting and so is our collective anxiety.  The Habs played a decent game, Price is fine, the D is holding up.  This is a better Markovless team than last year's edition, but boy are they snakebit.  People were concerned about the lack of secondary scoring and now we're not getting any production from the first.   The good news is they're trying, this has to turn around at some point, the bounces have to start going their way.  I'm sure it's just as frustrating for the boys as it is for us.

 For a comparison, the Montreal Impact's season had a very rocky start, congrats to them on winning the USL championship.  The Alouettes are 12-2 but historically they've been 22 times a bridesmaid and never the blushing bride.  Maybe this is their year and as the old saying goes, "everything comes in threes"  which bodes well for our Habs.

I didn't appreciate Milbury trying to get Carbo to dish the dirt on the team, especially on Kovalev.  He's such an unprofessional slimebag but Carbo held his own. I think Milbury would be much better suited for a trashy talk show, he could give Gerry Springer a run for his money.

Four more home games to start changing the tide before it turns into a Tsunami.  Fortunately, I already have an evacuation plan; seven more sleeps and I'm off to the Caymans.


Number31 said...

Impact's season was absolutely insane. I'm proud of them. And I hope the Als can prove this season their almost perfection isn't for nothing. Same goes for the Habs. It ain't easy right now what with Markov out, Rhino out, Sergei being a childish idiot, the snakebit offense, or defense only capable of kicking it into our own net... And I think it's time for Bob to hold a press conference to tell the boo birds to shut the front door. They're NOT helping any.

Milbury...I thought he was out of HNIC... The guy is so full of it, it's coming out of his ears (and mouth, unfortunately). Guh! Even PJ Stock spoke more sense than him last night, and that's an amazing feat (though probably not that much of a stretch).

Moey said...

The one and only thing I'll give McGuire is that he warned Habs fans not to panic for the first 15-20 games. He has a point. This team is still in the experimental stages. Deep breaths.