Friday, October 23, 2009

Good luck cat is 2 for 2.....and counting

At the end of last season my biggest concern was our defense, or lack of it.  It bothered me to no end that we were so dependant on Andrei Markov.  To me it was our biggest weakness and I hoped that during the off season Bob would make it a priority to rectify it.  If last night was any indication of what's to come I would say that mission has been accomplished and the addition of Bergeron is the missing piece of the PP puzzle.  Well done Bob.

Speaking of Bergeron, his laser from the point brought a tear to my eye, I miss Shelly.

The other concern I had was for the past two seasons the Habs typically played up or down to the level of their opponents and that really frustrated me.  They would play a superb game against Detroit one night then barely show up for the Islanders.  That mentality cost them in the 2008 playoffs.  They went into Boston thinking it would be easy pickings because they had dominated them all season.  They managed to squeak by the Bruins and then all the experts had the Habs taking the Flyers in five.  We all know how that turned out.   I was very happy to see a solid 60 minutes of effort last night against a bottom feeder.  It doesn't matter what team it is, play them all the same, consistency is the key to success this season.

Glen Metropolit has been a revelation, I love his attitude and he gives it his all out there.  I still want to see an "A" on him.  Gionta is unbelievably fast, and as they say, you can't hit what you can't catch.   I heard a great nickname for our first line this morning on CHOM, "The Legion  of Zoom."

I'm a glass half full type of person and I see a definite advantage to Hal Gill's lack of mobility.  He can't get out of the way quickly enough to avoid getting hit in the face with an opposing stick, he could be very useful in generating PP opportunities.   Every cloud has it's silver lining.

I can't help but think how our D would be shaping up now if Komisarek had stayed. I don't miss him at all out there.  Could Pearn have improved him?  What do you think?

For the love of Pete, there is no goalie controversy.  People should just be happy we have two good young goaltenders.  I say let them split the season, improve their play, enjoy a bit of healthy competition without the added pressure of either one of them being the anointed number one.  It also sends a message, not to the goalies, but the fans.  Why should the fate of the free world hang on the shoulders of a just turned 22 year old kid.  Honestly, some people need to get a grip, or a life.

Rangers will be a bigger test tomorrow night.  Let's make it three in a row.


Number31 said...

People are bored 'cause this year's Habs edition has little controversy (even Sergei, Boucher said it's a controversy and distraction to everyone but us) so they make shit up. I think Gomez said it best (the total BS thing). Would fans prefer it if we were like the Flames that have to ride Kipper to the death? Or like the Hawks that have to hide their hole-y goalies? (Niemi is better, but he's still inexperienced and it shows) Habs are one of the luckiest teams in the League on the goalie front.

And I'm so happy to see the team actually take advantage of the weaker teams for once. They needed to beat on someone, Islanders were the perfect fodder. Might have waned a bit in the start of the 3rd, but then they got it back again. Do you hear a boat horn when Hal Gill cruises by?

Moey said...


You're right about the boredom, as the saying goes what they can't make out they make up. Other teams in the league would be drooling to have our goaltending tandem and yet all you hear is who should start, who shouldn't, what does it mean... yada yada yada. The friggin' media fuels most of it. Poor Hal Gill, I hate bullying and I refuse to join the lynch mob. Sure, he's slow, but as long as we're winning games and he's not costing us any people should just leave him alone. But it's Montreal.....'nuff said.

moeman said...

4 Moey;

Moey said...


Awesome, thanks for that. I've had a really hectic day and that put a smile on my face.