Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grand Cayman day 3 recap.........

As much as I prayed to the Sun Gods, I’m sure Mr. Moey begged; the thought of being stuck with me for a rainy week in the tropics brought back frightening memories of St. Lucia. Even though I had assured him that I wouldn’t throw hissy fits if it didn’t clear up, I don’t think he believed me. We’ve had gorgeous weather from Tuesday morning to date and it looks like it will continue for the rest of the week.

We had a brilliant day yesterday. We left around 10 AM and went for a drive. We drove past Georgetown to do a little exploring and found some lovely spots.

This particular spot was a great place to sun, have a swim and do a little snorkeling. It’s public beach access, there are plenty of trees for shade and a few picnic tables scattered about.

This little cove has now been renamed to “Moey’s beach”, it's private property, you could see the pool and house in the distance. Just imagine having this little bit of paradise all to yourself. Wonderful.

This was the shack across the street from the public beach, not too shabby eh?

We made our way back to Georgetown, finally found a parking spot and checked out the Duty Free shops. The liquor is only duty free for the cruise ship passengers, but there were some decent deals to be had in the many jewellery stores. Mr. Moey saw a watch that caught his eye, but after a small discussion/argument about him possibly buying said watch renovating our kitchen won out in the end, as it should.

We walked around Georgetown for about three hours, it was really hot and I was starting to wilt around 1:00 PM. We drove back to the condo and spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach.

For my birthday dinner I chose Luca restaurant, it was essentially Italian and the food was delicious. Mr. Moey had tuna tartare to start while boring ole me played it safe with prosciutto and melon. Main courses were pumpkin ravioli with sage butter (surprisingly good) and 8 oz. filet mignon pour moi. Our server was great, she was very knowledgeable about wine, she suggested an Austrian red wine that we had never tried, Pannobile, Burgenland 2004. Very good choice, not too overpowering and it complemented the meal well.

The outdoor restaurant was in a beautiful setting overlooking the infinity pool and ocean.

All in all a great day and evening, we got back to the condo and went for a late night dip in the pool; perfect end to a perfect day.

On the Habs front, I guess if you’re going to get spanked it might as well be from the best. Hmmmm…that could be a whole other blog. Ahem.

Good luck black cat has run out of lives, poor baby. Back to the drawing board, I’ll pick out a new kitty for the next win; I’ll stick with cats because at some point this season I’d like to see nine wins in a row. It might be a little unrealistic, but  hey,  I’m a Habs fan, remember?

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