Friday, October 30, 2009

Grand Cayman day 4 recap........

Yesterday morning Mr. Moey and I decided to do explore West Bay, which is the North West part of Grand Cayman.  We drove by the Turtle farm, a very popular tourist attraction, there is also horseback riding on the beach at Conch Point and this is the place you can swim with the dolphins.  There were quite a few tour buses parked along the road and loads of Japanese tourists with cameras on hand.  Can you just imagine the amount of pictures they can take now that cameras are digital?  It boggles the mind.

There are a few resorts scattered along the shoreline and we stopped in to check them out.  Not great swimming beaches but nice if you want to do some snorkeling.  There are also a couple of resorts that cater to divers. 

This is one of the resorts we stopped at, Villas Pappagallo.

Looks are deceiving, the beach was not great for swimming, a lot of rocks and reef.  The most surprising thing was when we got back to the condo, I looked it up on the Internet;  they claim to be in the best spot on Grand Cayman.  The particular villa I was looking at was charging $385 per night in the off season.  If you are booking online and you like a nice sandy swimming beach stay in the Seven Mile Beach area or you may be disappointed.

When we rented a villa  in Cayman Brac last April, some of the renters' comments on the website were misleading.  "The snorkeling is superb right in front of the villa."  Either they were flat out lying or had a death wish, or Mr. Moey and I are getting old and aren't crazy about the possibility of being in traction for six months.   There wasn't even the tiniest of sections that you could walk into the ocean that wasn't full of iron-shore or rock, beautiful to look at, but not an island for beach lovers.

Picture of ironshore, covering most of the shoreline on Cayman Brac and found on some of  the beaches in West Bay in Grand Cayman.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, the weather is still gorgeous.  Today is beach, beach and more beach.  Later on this afternoon we'll take a drive back to West Bay, stop in at a nice beach bar and restaurant called "The Cracked Conch" and watch the sunset.  Pics will follow tomorrow. 

Habs vs. Hawks tonight, I don't have a clue of how that will turn out.  I read yesterday that Jacques Martin was less than pleased with the effort against the  Pens.  Let's see if it sunk in.

C'mon boys, gimme a win so I can post another good luck kitty!

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