Sunday, October 4, 2009

Highway robbery, part ll

Wow! What a mess but they still managed to eke out a win in OT. It sure wasn't pretty to watch, but the Priceberg managed to come up big and steal another one. He's looking really good, fluid movements and oozing with confidence. He's going to have to keep standing on his head until this squad can get their act together. In their current state, a team like Anaheim or Detroit would annihilate them. Baby steps and a lot of teething pains while these guys get to know each other and play like a well oiled machine.

As my blogging buddy Dennis Kane had assured me in the off season while I was crying my eyes out over Koivu's departure, I'm starting to warm to the new guys. The Priceberg has moved to the top of my list, Moen and Gionta are close seconds. BGL is starting to redeem himself and making his presence known, keeping the pesky critters at bay. Kudos to the defence for hanging in there and now we might have lost O'Byrne, Bob will have to do something sooner than later.

My biggest concern actually came after the game, HNIC cut to a shot of my boy Shelly arriving for the Edmonton/Calgary match. He was wearing a purple velvet jacket and a purple tie. I wonder if he has a pair of furry dice hanging from his rear view mirror to complete the look.

Up next is Calgary, hope our boys have packed extra horseshoes.


Dennis said...

I think Don Cherry wants to marry Souray, or at least have an affair with him. So who's it gonna be, Sheldon? Moey, my wife, or Don?

Moey said...

Ha! It would have to be me, he loves good red wine (so do I) and I like to cook. It's a match made in heaven!

Number31 said...

Sheldon Souray: Most stylish pylon ever.

He was just missing the golden cane with a huge diamond at the top.

Moey said...


I've sent him a fashion ticket, next time he gets fined. Along with the cooking I could also be his wardrobe consultant. He needs me, badly.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Moey, Thanks so much for your lovely comment. So glad you have enjoyed some of the places Ive visited and that they bring back memories of your travels in the UK. Im afraid there hasnt been too many scenic drives recently as we have had such awful weather here, but fingers crossed the rain will stop eventually (Yeh right! This is the UK the rain never stops lol!!!) X