Thursday, October 15, 2009

Home sweet home?

Also commonly referred to as "Habs' fan."

Lots of questions hanging over tonight's game.
  • Will Price be solid?
  • Who will score first, Habs or Avs?
  • Will the Habs get a PP?
  • How long before the crowd starts booing said PP?
  • How long before the crowd starts heckling Hal Gill?
  • How long before the crowd starts booing, period.
  • Will AK46 show any signs of life?
  • How will Shawn Belle do?
For the answer to these  and other important questions, stay tuned for the continuing saga of "The stomach churns."

1 comment:

Number31 said...

- Yes, save for goals kicked in by his own guys. Gotta really stop doing that...
- Finafuckingly!
- Shocking!
- Hnn...
- I think they booed him when he said his name... Ouch.
- Booing the refs first, made me proud.
- HE LIIIIIIIIIIVES! And realizes he is the heir to Alex Kovalev.
- I think I'd rather have him than Gill, but you can't knock that height he's got where he can just catch pucks with his hands where no one else can. But the two-by-four stickhandling is OMG atrocious! Hopefully Belle stays a bit longer even when Bergeron comes up. He's like Josh Gorges, only drafted, and Bob traded twice for him now.