Monday, October 26, 2009

Monsoon Moey hits the Caymans.......

After a very rough Saturday and a tiring Sunday,  a stressed out starting to relax  Moey is now sitting on the patio of her condo in Grand Cayman listening to the rain.  In the spirit of the Four Habs Fans, the weather here so far sucks donkeys....ears and it ain't looking promising until Friday.  Grrrr.   Let me rewind a bit, I left work on Friday afternoon full of piss and vinegar looking forward to my week off.  The plan was to sleep in on Saturday morning, run a few last minute errands, pack at my leisure, watch the Habs' game and hit the sack early.  The best laid plans of mice and men......I woke up to strange scratching noises around 5:00 AM on Saturday. It was my firstborn (cat) Matisse going in and out of his litter box at five minute intervals.  NOT good.  I got up to see what was going on.  The poor baby obviously had some type of urinary tract infection.  I don't want to go into detail, but a male neutered cat is very susceptible to these and if full blockage occurs, death could be imminent within 48 hours.  I started to freak, first thing is get him to the vet.  I called the vet, left a message to see if they could squeeze me in.   I managed to get an appointment for 10:00 AM.  Now the challenge is to get the lovely Matisse to the vet.  A carrier is out of the question, psycho kitty would have no part of that.   Out comes the collar and leash, we had a wrestling match that I eventually won.  I decide to put him into the bathroom to keep him contained while I get my purse and coat.  The damn door locked automatically (from the inside)  when I shut it.  YOU'VE GOT TO BE FRACKING KIDDING ME!  First thing that went through my head was grab the axe from the basement, but that seemed a tad radical.  Screwdrivers might do the trick , it's now 9:45 AM, if I miss this appointment I'm screwed.  I surprised myself and manage to get the damn door unlocked with the help of a tiny screwdriver.  I grab the boy and get into the car.   I plant Matisse on my lap, it's raining out so I put on the windshield wipers.  BIG MISTAKE, the boy freaked out. Amid a lot of cursing I managed to extract his back claws from my leg.  We made it there on time, they x-ray'd him, all looked good so with an antibiotic shot for inflammation and a $400.00 bill we were on our way home.  My neighbor is keeping an eye on him, no news is good news, all must be well (fingers crossed). 

My whole day was completely thrown off, the Habs game cheered me up but I didn't manage to get to bed until midnight.  I was up at 5:00 AM on Sunday then off to the airport for an 8 AM flight.  Arrived in Grand Cayman late yesterday afternoon to torrential rain and  I was completely exhausted.  Mr. Moey picked me up at the airport and we went to drown our sorrows at a great little spot called "Neptunes".  It featured outdoor covered dining and served the best Mojitos that I've tasted yet.

This morning looked promising, the sky was breaking up into patches of blue, so we went out to pick up some groceries and booze planning to spend our afternoon on the beach.  It started to rain again and hasn't stopped.  To hell with it, we're going for a swim and tonight we'll eat in, have a few cocktails and listen to my Habs on CJAD.  The weather has to get better eventually, right?

Stay tuned tomorrow........

On a positive note, good luck cat is now three for three......Go Habs!

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