Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A team is born........

Surprise, surprise but it looks as though we may have a hockey team after all, it's starting to come together and it's looking good.  The jury was out on the first two games, I'm not sure if they were actually playing hockey and neither did the opposition which appeared to give us an edge.  It was an ingenious approach, when in doubt  keep the enemy dazed and confused then strike when they least expect it.  

I watched a little of the Sens/Leafs game as an appetizer, but mostly because I enjoy watching the Leafs lose and the pissy look on Burke's' face.  Entertainment at its best.  What I don't enjoy is Pierre McGuire.  He just keeps getting worse, yesterday afternoon he was going on to Mitch Melnick about  Boston resigning Lucic. "I hate to keep bringing this up (yeah right) but that's where Bob Gainey went wrong.  Once you identify a key component to your team you don't let it drag on to free agency."  Who the hell is he talking about, Kovalev?  Komisarek?  He singled out Kovy as being the most useless guy on the Sens last night, so he must mean Komisarek.  Gee Pierre, you're bang on, now we have no hope of ever getting a whiff of a cup.  What a jerk.  Somebody needs to smack that big bald GM wannabe hard.  End rant.

Back to our Habbies, AK46 showed some encouraging signs of stirring from his coma.  His eyelashes were fluttering and there were visible signs of muscle twitches.  He might come back to us.  I think the defense did an admirable job considering they're compensating for the loss of O'Byrne and Markov.  Love the squid/shrimp/seafood line.  Pleky lives!  I must confess I didn't manage to stay awake for the entire game, I was watching the back of my eyelids by the third period.  I managed to catch a post game interview with Cammy early this morning and I like what he had to say.  "We're not the kind of team that takes any satisfaction out of the fact that we played fairly well even though we lost. We're here to win." 

That folks, is music to my ears.

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