Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome back, Kovy

Kovy enroute to the Bell Centre

I can picture it now.  Fans cheering Kovy's spectacular goals, urging him on for a hat trick so they can see him do the moonwalk before the lightbulb goes on and they realize he now plays for the Sens.  They're a passionate bunch, but as we've witnessed in the past, some are a few shillings short of a pound.  These same people will be booing Price if he lets in a softie.  At any rate, it should be an entertaining game.

Mr. Moey will be watching the game with me tonight, I've hidden the remote in case he nods off.  Did I ever mention that Mr. Moey is a Don Cherry fan?


Dennis said...

They could've won this game. But they've forgotten how.

Moey said...

Well at least the leafs have company in the gutter. No more leaf bashing from me until the Habs turn this thing around.