Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to reality......

We won (barely) against the Leafs on Saturday, so time for a new good luck cat photo. Go Habs!

We arrived home late Sunday evening.  Back to the old grind yesterday, a week just isn't long enough to relax and forget about work.  We're planning to go back next October, but we'll make it for ten days.

On Sunday morning we went for a last dip in the ocean and we met a couple sitting on the beach.  A rare sight; most days we had the beach to ourselves.  We started chatting and they asked where we were from.  The woman then asked if we were fans of the Montreal hockey team.  Kind of unusual, it's not the first question that an American would usually ask.  Mr. Moey pipes up, "oh yeah, she's crazy about them."  It turns out they worked and were involved with the Minnesota North Stars, they are very good friends of Bobby Smith (ex-Hab) and  they know Bob Gainey quite well.  We had a nice chat and they mentioned what a good guy Bob Gainey is. 

We had another hockey encounter at a beach bar a couple of days before, I had my Habs lighter on the bar and the bartender asked if I was a Habs fan then told me he was from Ontario.  I accused asked if he was a Leaf fan and he gave me this look of utter contempt, he hails from Windsor and is a die hard Red Wing supporter.  Meanwhile there was a loopy drunk chick chatting up Mr. Moey, turns out she was a Leaf fan.  Figures. 

Tonight Habs versus Thrashers sans mosquitoes, sigh, the one bright spot about being back. The frigging things feasted on me every night, they were relentless and seemed to actually enjoy the taste of OFF.

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