Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go Habs!

Spiny is one pissed off hedgehog and this could be his last appearance.  He was dragged out of a long hibernation to fight the good fight and he's getting zero support from his teammates.   He's given me an ultimatum, if his quills get blown off in a hurricane tonight, he's out of here on a one way ticket back to Arizona, in business class no less.  Ouch!  This could cost me.  Go you frickin' Habs!


Anonymous said...

Good Work, Spiny Norman.

You are the Knute Rockne of hockey mascots. You even inspired Andrei K to take more than one shot on goal.

(I had been subtracting one from his original nickname of AK46 for every consecutive game he did not work up a sweat and it got too embarrassing once he became AK39. If he brings a strong effort to Washington I will start to call him AK46 again.)

Listen to Moey, Spiny N.


Moey said...


Spiny is getting a bit full of himself, he's demanded a one year contract with a no trade clause (unless it's Phoenix or L.A., he likes warm weather) and a bonus if the Habs make the playoffs. I've decided to give into his demands in case the Bruins or Leafs get their eye on him. It's better to have him for us than against us.